Cheap DressLily Plus Size Dresses Review

I’ve been dying to try on plus size DressLily dresses for ages. They look absolutely gorgeous in the photos on their website. And I’ve seen them advertised on Facebook everywhere. Those vintage plus size DressLily dresses looked amazing! But when I checked their website, they were crazy cheap! So, how could they look that amazing?

I finally ordered a vintage dress and a formal dress, which was featured in my post about prom dresses for plus size nerds. It was time to try ’em on and find out if they were worth the bargain, or just a scam.

Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to watch my try-on video for two cheap DressLily plus size dresses. Otherwise, you can just read my brief conclusions on the quality of these two DressLily plus size dresses.

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DressLily Plus Size Dresses Try On

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Plus Size Vintage Dress

DressLily Plus Size Vintage Dress

The vintage dress was a bust. (Ha!) The black vintage dress I ordered was crap. It looked more like a house dress. It had no waist! The fabric was very thin. The darts or princess seams (not sure which) ended just under my breasts, so the rest of the dress hung straight. The seams needed to continue to my waist to draw the fabric in. Thumbs down!

Here’s the crazy thing. I borrowed a different DressLily plus size vintage dress from my friend, Reenie. (She’s in the video with me.) That dress was black with white polka dots and it looked great! It had a fit and flare style. So what happened? I don’t know, but it was bad.

Plus Size Blue Formal Dress

Dress Lily Blue Plus Size Prom Dress

The plus size sparkly blue dress I ordered was lovely. If I want to wear it, I need to have it hemmed and have the bustline raised up a bit. But the fabric was gorgeous and it was very comfortable to wear.

I chose this one because the reviews I read were glowing. Each woman said the dress looked better than they thought it was going to. They also said how comfortable it was.

Although I usually don’t like dresses that have a high waist, this one was very flattering. I think it’s the combination of stretchy bust material and lacy/sequined skirt.

Here’s the try-on video so you can decide for yourself.

Have you ordered DressLily? Was it awesome or awful? Tell me in the comments!

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