About Plus Size Nerd

Plus Size Nerd is all about wearing plus size Star WarsHarry PotterWonder Woman and other geeky clothes. I want you to find inspiration here. I also want you to be filled with confidence, knowing that you can be a plus size nerd and still look sexy.

I'm a nerd and I wear a plus size. (Sometimes 18, sometimes 20, depending on how stressed out I am, y'know?) The problem is that a lot of plus size nerd clothing doesn't understand that we're not all built alike. We're just like every non-plus size woman. We all have different shapes. In my case, my plus size shape includes gigantic boobs. Believe it or not, it's hard to find plus size clothing that also fits big boobs! Sometimes our proportions just don't make sense to clothing designers.

Years ago, before geek became cool and the internet exploded with online retail stores, it was difficult to find Harry Potter or superhero stuff that looked attractive on my body. The t-shirts were the square design that men wear. If they were “fitted,” they were usually a junior size. Frustrating!

Times have changed, and there's all kind of great clothes out there now. You just have to find the ones that look best on you. Hopefully, Plus Size Nerd can help you find the right t-shirt, leggings, cosplay costume or whatever you're looking for.

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