Hi! I’m Nancy Basile. I created Plus Size Nerd to help other women get ideas for great-looking nerd clothes that make them feel good about themselves. I also wanted to create a community where women could come together and feel like they fit in. (Which can be hard when you’re plus size and a nerd.)

Plus Size Nerd Testimonial

Nerd Cred

In my personal life, I’ve been a nerd since I was five years-old and colored stars onto my underwear, then went out into the front yard to spin like Wonder Woman for the neighbor kids. (They were like, um, something’s not right here.)

In my professional life, I wrote about animated TV for About.com (now LiveAbout) for 17 years. I also wrote lists for Comic Book Resource (CBR). Prior to my writing career, I graduated with a B.F.A. in musical theater, worked in Hollywood for a casting director, then did a lil’ bit of acting until I was sidelined by my beautiful, amazing children. (If you look real hard in Men in Black II and Sweet Home Alabama, you’ll see me in the background for, like, 0.5 seconds.)

I’ve also spoken at some great fan conventions. I held trivia panels for Wildcat Comic Con two years in a row, and I spoke about how to be a nerd blogger at Central PA Comic Con and Zenkaikon.

Plus Size Cred

I’ve been plus size most of my adult life. That came with a lot of mental anguish and painful feelings. Until about 20 years ago, when my self esteem started to rise and I realized that life is too short to feel bad about myself. It’s the rest of the world that’s screwed up. [wink]

I also came to the conclusion that if the clothes I was trying on didn’t fit, there was something wrong with the clothes, not me.

Before Iron Man and Harry Potter, I had a hard time finding other women who wanted to break down timelines and canon or dish about the latest fantasy books. Now it’s cool to be a nerd (sort of) but I remember when it wasn’t.

Plus Size Nerd is all about wearing plus size Star WarsHarry PotterWonder Woman and other geeky clothes. I want to help you get inspired to wear your nerdiest, hottest clothes. I also want you to be filled with confidence, knowing that you can be a plus size nerd and still look bangin’. (That’s still a cool word, right?)

Hey, that’s me!

One of the biggest frustrations we all have with plus size clothing are the stupid sizes. We all have different shapes. In my case, my plus size shape includes gigantic boobs. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find plus size clothing that also fits big boobs and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a tent. Sometimes our proportions just don’t make sense to clothing designers.

However! There’s all kind of great clothes out there now. You just have to find the ones that look best on you. Hopefully, Plus Size Nerd can help you find the right t-shirt, leggings, cosplay costume or whatever you’re looking for.

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Need a second opinion on an outfit? Need to vent about being a plus size in a non-plus-size world? Join the Plus Size Nerds Facebook group. We’re a fun group of supportive women, living our best lives, chatting about sales and deals, and sharing our frustrations. After you join, introduce yourself. We’d love to say ‘hi’!

You can always reach out to me on Instagram or at nancy@plussizenerd.com.

Brands I’ve Worked With

I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen by different brands to work with them on Instagram campaigns. I love the challenge of creating original, fun content that “stops the scroll.” You can see my sponsored campaigns in the “Sponsored” highlights on my Instagram profile. Here are a few of the brands I’ve worked with so far.

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If you’d like to do some kind of collaboration — YouTube, Instagram, blog — email me at nancy@plussizenerd.com.