5 Nerdy Plus Size Fashion Designers

Let’s talk about five fantastic, independent clothing designers who make geek fashion for plus sizes. I discovered these ladies on Instagram. Some of them I discovered organically when Instagram suggested them to me. Some of them I discovered through their sponsored ads. They’re all independent; they’re all awesome; and they all have plus size sizes.

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I own clothing made by a few of these independent designers for plus size women. For the ones whose clothes I don’t own — yet — I’m saving up for those. I’m looking at you, Elhoffer.

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#1 Elfhoffer Design

Elhoffer Design has a super loyal following of fans, who have been dubbed Star Puffs. Elhoffer designs gorgeous, geeky, nerdy clothing that are inspired by fandoms. Her clothes aren’t copies of costume designs or anything like that.

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It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! Which means I need to have a sale cause I love giving gifts more than getting them! Plus each shipment leaving the studio is a gift to me in space in our storage!! SO! I’m 32 now, so I picked 32 items to apply to a special birthday sale! The site has a link to the birthday collection and you can use ‘HappyBirthdayCatherine’ at checkout for 20% off everything in that collection!! Since I’m always going through the orders I’ll see all those birthday wishes and it will fill me with happy!!! Now I gotta go and prep for a production meeting with my factory because a small business owner sometimes has to work on her birthday, too. 😂 💙💙💙 📸: @yorkinabox

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To paraphrase the Elhoffer website: “Elhoffer Design is a geek bound apparel company bound. The company is focused on helping lady nerds feel amazing and powerful with the occasional unisex piece, for those not as interested in feminine cuts. We are proud to keep our productions in this United States and hope you understand that our prices reflect that our factory workers are paid minimum wage or more and work in safe conditions. Our fabric and yarns are sourced from local vendors who often import them and are not as cheap as the imported stuff. And if pieces sell out, they sell out.”

Catherine Elhoffer, the designer, created higher end apparel for geeks like her. Although the geek fashion world is saturated with clothing, there are still gaps in the market that she hopes to fill by designing and sewing pieces that flatter the body, pulling from modern fashion trends and helping her fellow geeks out in the world to be both stylish and chic.

Also, pockets. Everything has pockets. We love pockets. I do, anyway, because I never have a bag. I almost never carry a handbag — except my Captain Marvel bag.

Elhoffer Design is one of the clothing lines I’m saving for, specifically the Fantastic Frock.

#2 Little Petal

Little Petal is another designer I’m saving up for. (I’m doing a lot of saving, aren’t I?)

Little Petal designs are totally unique. You see, you can make her dresses look like anything you want. You can criss-cross them. You can do a bandeau. You can have a hood. You can skip the hood. The way she makes her dresses is almost like those baby-carrying wraps that you can twist and tie any which way you want. And she has lots of videos showing you how to wear her dress.

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I am blown away by all the love and support being given to our trans #wonderwomen on my Facebook status celebrating #iwd2019 by giving trans women 50% off a dress to help them feel more welcome in the #geekgirl community. . READ THE COMMENTS on my Facebook post for the most wholesome responses on the Internet- including many allies offering to help gals get their dress (when has “read the comments” EVER been said???) . . Y’all are proving why our #pocket loving, #bodypositive family is the best out there and I am so so thankful I get to be at the helm of it every day. And thank you to anyone who’s been buying the #smashthepatriarchy shirts or contacted about a regular price dress to help me offset the cost of the discounts. I LOVE YOU ALL! You are all Wonder Women!!!!! ❤️💛💙

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Again, this is an independent designer for plus sizes who has lots of different color combinations and styles based on fandoms. There’s one that’s red and blue with white stars on it that’s very Wonder Woman. She has one based on Daenerys Targaryen. (I know, I know. But she’s still the Mother of Dragons.)

So this is the one I would probably go with. Let me read to you a little bit about her company because she too is a small independent designer. Little pedal creates Geek Chic, convertible jazz’s and other garments inspired by any character from any fandom. We create sneaky he dresses as opposed to costumes so they can be worn to conventions as cosplay to weddings and as bridesmaids dresses to work on tour, etc.

To paraphrase the Elhoffer website: “Little Pedal strives to make all women and non binary people feel included in a culture that was traditionally for cis men, so you can look as beautiful as you feel without sacrificing who you are. We are a body positive company that believes in LGBTQ+ equality and intersectional feminism. Women are not sized. So all dresses are custom made to your measurements.”

To order a dress, you send in your measurements. You know that what she sends you is going to look gorgeous. Whether you are petite or voluptuous, these pajamas-soft dresses will fit you perfectly so you can feel comfortable in your body and look amazing. She also has what she calls the Petal Alliance, which is a group of customers that come together so they can “fangirl over each other and support each other.”

I love the mission of this company; it’s body positive and pro woman.

#3 The Basic Geek

The Basic Geek takes minimalism to new heights when it comes to nerd clothes. I bought her “Wakanda Forever” t-shirt because the one I already had — that was a typical t-shirt with the Black Panther logo — looked like an oblong rather than a circle. You feel me? (Boobies.) It wasn’t very attractive. It basically said that my boobs were too big for this XL shirt.

The Basic Geek t-shirt is so, so soft. The one I bough is called “slouch style” and it’s crazy flattering for plus size women. There’s a scoop neckline; it’s baggy; it’s got plenty of room; but it’s still attractive. Mine is only an XL, not an XXL like I usually buy.

The Basic Geek pulls slogans and phrases from different fandoms to use on her shirts. So you might get a Mother of Dragons shirt, or you might get, May the Force be with you. I like that its about fandoms, but doesn’t “look” fandom. I love shirts that are a secret nod to fandoms that maybe not everyone gets.

To paraphrase The Basick Geek website: “The basic geek offers geek chic, minimalist designs and inspirational quotes for fandom lovers. She creates designs that are encouraging, super modern and fashionable, and also allow you to subtly show off your geek pride. She has a love for all things fandom related. She’s passionate about helping women embrace both their femininity and their love of geek culture, which was once only associated with men.”

#4 Snag Tights

When I recorded this video, my Snag Tights weren’t in yet. You can see me wearing them in this video on YouTube.

I ordered Snag Tights. They haven’t come yet because they’re coming all the way from Scotland.

They have opaque colors and nearly sheer colors. I believe I got red opaque tights to wear with my Captain Marvel dress.

They have so many varieties of tights and pantyhose-ish tights. But the beauty of these is they fit everybody.

The Snag Tights website is super fun: “For too long, women have had to put up with pantyhose that just don’t fit. We’re not talking about just plus size. This is a problem for big women, small women, short women, tall women. The struggle is real. There’s a very simple reason for this, but hardly anyone knows it. It’s this: All tights are the same width. The difference between different sizes of tights is the length of the legs.

“We started in Scotland in early 2018. Snag is absolutely not a plus size brand. We are here to create tights for everyone, not just particular groups. We are also passionate about making everything we do as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging and are working hard with our suppliers to make our tights as eco friendly as possible. In a world where 60% of women are size 14 or above, plus size is no longer plus; it’s the new normal. But also, making only plus size tights would be just another way of excluding some people.”

So true. Isn’t that how you feel when you walk into a regular department store? If I walk into Bon Ton or Macy’s, I feel excluded, which is why I love shopping at Torrid. When I go there, I’m supposed to be there, like I belong.

Again, this is an independent clothing designer who is creating awesome clothing in all kinds of colors. So you can wear your fandoms like crazy. You can mix and match. You can go nuts. You can have Wonder Woman blue. You can have Spider-man red. You can have Slytherin green and silver. Anything!

And they’re comfortable. Avery good friend of mine got Snag Tights and she said that putting them on is like not wearing tights. She said you can’t even feel them. They’re breathable and soft.

#5 Nerdy Vegas Chic

Nerdy Vegas Chic isn’t specifically plus size, but their shirts go up to XXL, like The Basic Geek. The thing I like about Nerdy Vegas Chic, is that Jen Stewart, the designer, knows her fandoms and uses really funny quotes or statements.

For instance, one says “Addicted to Fandoms.” One of them says “Coffee helps me manage my mischief.” One says “Cosplay Appreciator,” because I love cosplayers, but wouldn’t necessarily do it  myself. Another says “Ask me about my super powers.”

Her philosophy is to “…inspire, look fabulous and geek out.” She wants to share awesome finds on geek, nerd fandom, fashion, lifestyle and culture. But she also aims to “connect, inspire and build relationships in the Las Vegas community.” Hence the Nerdy Vegas Chic.

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