Best Stores for Plus Size Nerds

The best stores for plus size nerds are few and far between, but they're out there. I'm old. So I remember that not so long ago, it was hard to find nerd clothes that looked good on women. Not just on women — PLUS SIZE women.

I used to have to settle for buying men's t-shirts. (Heck, sometimes I still do.) But the sleeves never hit me right and they sure didn't hug me in the right spots.

Times have changed. (Like I said — oooold.) Now you can't shake a wand without smacking into a store that carries at least a few geeky t-shirts. In fact, some stores are jam-packed with geeky goodness that not only fit plus size women, but make us look damn good.

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I've been compiling this list of the best stores for plus size nerds because I have trouble finding a single resource to use. I wanted one place where there were a bunch of stores listed. When I couldn't find one, I made one.

Now, I am an affiliate for some of these stores. That means I get a small commission if you buy something using these links. However, I'd be recommending these stores even if I weren't an affiliate. I wouldn't recommend a store if I didn't wear those clothes happily.

Some of these stores are just plus size clothes for women without a nerd factor. Because I actually wear normal clothes from time to time (gasp!).

The best stores for plus size nerds are listed in alphabetical order.

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Favorite plus size shops online

Disclosure: This blog post includes affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission when you make a purchase using these links, at no extra cost to you.

Plus Size Shops

Amazon – Good ol' Amazon. Their plus size selection is getting better and better. They're offering more plus size brands and designer clothing than ever before. Most of the time, it can be your one stop shop, with stores like Torrid and Hot Topic selling their clothes on Amazon too.

Ashley Stewart – This shop sells Gorgeous clothes that are a bit sexy. Think body con dresses and low cut necklines.

Curve GirlCurve Girl has a lot of dressy and upscale clothes, but they also have a great selection of nice-looking tops and bottoms.

Dia&Co – I was surprised at how reasonably priced some of Dia&Co's items were. Some are expensive, but most aren't. And if they do cost a little more, they're worth it. I've tried a couple of their personalized boxes that you can see in this video. Beautiful clothes for the office, especially.

DressLilyDressLily has just about everything you could ever want. They're REALLY great for holiday clothes. Quality varies, however, they have an excellent return policy. I've returned clothes and the customer service was great. Check out my cheap dresses try-on video here.

Entertainment Earth – This shop has EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. As it happens, they also have clothing. Their Outlander collection changes frequently, as does other lines. Search for XL and XXL to find larger sizes.

Etsy – Can't find something in a regular store? Shop Etsy! Although sellers shouldn't technically be selling stuff without buying a license, some of them have very creative ways around trademarks. And so cute! Be sure to put the words PLUS SIZE in your search.

Hot Topic – This is a store that has really upped its game lately. It used to be mostly for juniors. Now you can find legit plus size clothes at Hot Topic that are super nerdy and cool.

Poshmark – The Poshmark app makes finding used clothing super simple. You can narrow your search down to brands and sizes. I've purchased coats, tops, bottoms and shoes (Uggs!) at a deep discount. For a limited time, use code NANCYBASILE (my code) to save $10.

RoseGal – I've only recently discovered Rose Gal and I love them! Quality clothes that are super flattering. DressLily and RoseGal are possibly owned by the same company. They share a lot of the same clothes.

SuperherostuffSuperherostuff has really unique nerd clothes and accessories, and not just for superheroes. Sizing tends to run small, so be sure to check the size charts.

TorridTorrid is, by far, my most favorite store for buying plus size nerd clothes. They're made well and they know how to snug a body good. And their clothes really last.

Warner Bros. Shop – The official Warner Bros. shop for Harry Potter, DC and other stuff isn't fantastic, BUT it is “official.” They sell things that you won't find in other stores. Finding plus sizes is hit or miss. You have to “stay vigilant!”

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