I'm old. So I remember that not so long ago, it was hard to find nerd clothes that looked good on women. Not just on women — PLUS SIZE women.

I used to have to settle for buying men's t-shirts. (Heck, sometimes I still do.) But the sleeves never hit me right and they sure didn't hug me in the right spots.

Times have changed. (Like I said — oooold.) Now you can't shake a wand without smacking into a store that carries at least a few geeky t-shirts. In fact, some stores are jam-packed with geeky goodness that not only fit plus size women, but make us look damn good.

These are my favorite stores for plus size nerds. Now, I am an affiliate for some of these stores. That means I get a small commission if you buy something using these links. However, I'd be recommending these stores even if I weren't an affiliate. I wouldn't recommend a store I couldn't stand behind, y'know?

The best stores for plus size nerds are listed from best to, well, not worst. Let's say from best to least best.

Plus Size Captain Marvel sweatshirt.


Torrid is, by far, my most favorite store for buying plus size nerd clothes. They're made well and they know how to snug a body good.

Shop Torrid


ThinkGeek is known for its geeky toys and fun things, but they are carrying more and more awesome clothes that come in plus sizes. I own a Gryffindor onesie from ThinkGeek and it's thick, sturdy and generous in size.

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Star Trek Leggings


The reason LootCrate is ranked so high is because they send out stuff that you just never see in stores. Really cool stuff. Their LootWear for Women subscription goes up to XXXL.

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Steven Universe t-shirt


TeeTurtle has the CUTEST designs. They buy licenses to our favorite fandoms (Star Wars, Disney, etc.) and then turn out these adorable characters. Plus, their shirts go up to 3XL.

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Slytherin Shirt

Warner Bros.

The official Warner Bros. shop for Harry Potter stuff isn't fantastic, BUT it is “official.” They sell things that you won't find in other stores. Finding plus sizes is hit or miss. You have to “stay vigilant!”

Shop Warner Bros.
Serenity T-shirt

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. As it happens, they also have clothing. Their Outlander collection changes frequently, as does other lines. However, you have to hunt to find XL and up.

Shop Entertainment Earth
Etsy Darth Vader t-shirt


Can't find something in a regular store? Shop Etsy! Although sellers shouldn't technically be selling stuff without buying a license, some of them have very creative ways around trademarks. And so cute! Be sure to put the words PLUS SIZE in your search.

Shop Etsy

Those are the best! Of course, there are other stores that carry plus size nerd clothing, like Amazon, but it's hit or miss. I always find something at the stores listed here.

Got a suggestion for a store? DM me on Instagram!