Customize Your Own Plus Size Clothing with CowCow

CowCow has become the top online store to buy customized plus size clothing. Designer Olivia Hathaway tells us about her CowCow shop, as well as her other online shops, in this interview.

See, it used to be that if you wanted a one-of-a-kind, unique clothing item, you had to be a size six, then order something couture. Now, thanks to online stores like CowCow, people like designer Olivia Hathaway can make their artwork available to anyone to wear. As a plus size woman, you can order a dress or top that’s just as unique and just as interesting as a couture piece.

There’s a huge range of items available to buy on CowCow, which for some styles goes up to 6X! That’s fantastic! Then you can customize exactly the kind of artwork you want to represent in exactly your size.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Disclosure: This blog posts includes affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase using these links, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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Customize Your Plus Size Clothing

Let me begin by saying I was incredibly impressed with this young woman. She’s not only clearly talented in visual arts, but also whip smart. She’s studying to be a biochemist, for Pete’s sake. She understands tech and she has a business sense that’s wise beyond her years. You’ll be impressed with her too.

Here’s a summary of our interview. Watch the Facebook Live video above to hear more about Olivia Hathaway’s CowCow shop and the full interview.

How Olivia Discovered CowCow

Olivia’s journey with CowCow began when she was staying with her grandmother in Florida. While she was there, her grandmother said something about how she loves Olivia’s art, but she wanted to wear her artwork on a dress that doesn’t have sleeves. (The other stores where Olivia hosted her art, like Redbubble, didn’t offer sleeveless dresses.) Her grandmother finally said she wished there was a way that Olivia could have a store that sells long-sleeve dresses.

Olivia got out her laptop and Googled something like “store where I can sell my own prints on long sleeve dresses.” CowCow came up in the search results, and within a week she uploaded all 300 some of her designs (which includes drawings and photography).

Her grandmother ordered a dress before Olivia left. She also ordered a dress with a button-up shoulder, because she’s a cancer patient and needed access to her port for chemotherapy. (Go get ’em, Olivia’s grandmother!)

Olivia said the dresses are lovely quality and great material — high-quality stuff. And so, Olivia’s CowCow shop was open for business!


One of the most amazing aspects of CowCow is that you can interact with the designer. If you see something you like, but you want it tweaked, the artist can probably change it for you. Olivia said that she always tells people that if you like one of her designs, but you want it in a different color scheme or pattern, tell her. She can easily start tweaking the colors and other stuff right from her phone.

She has a whole album called electric field art designs (my fave designs of hers, see above photo) that she can make those in any color. If you see a print you like but you want it in, say, red instead of blue, just message her through CowCow or her social media links (see the bottom of this post) and she’ll make the changes for you. It’s like magic!


CowCow has a disclaimer about shipping that it takes about 6 to 12 days to make an item. Then there’s an additional shipping time after that. Olivia said you shouldn’t be concerned if your item doesn’t come right away, However, after three weeks, she recommends that you contact the designer or the company.

Her experience with CowCow is that shipping takes a long time, but your item will always arrive. She’s never had an order disappear and it’s always high quality.

Her Most Popular CowCow Item

The one thing that Olivia has sold the most of is umbrellas. She sells a lot of umbrellas because they’re fun to personalize. Umbrellas are a utilitarian thing that you carry around with you, but now you can get them in special styles on CowCow.  They’re relatively cheap and they’re very, very good quality.

In fact, her (now famous) grandmother ordered a bunch of umbrellas to give her friends for Christmas.

Because of the way umbrellas are designed, her artwork comes out looking like fractals. CowCow‘s process knits the pattern together really well. She said she’s always very proud to show her umbrellas to people.

Popular CowCow Clothing

There are literally hundreds of designers on CowCow. In addition to Olivia’s amazing items, here are some of CowCow‘s most popular personalized dresses, leggings and more. (Remember, you can get a design on anything, in any size. If you get stuck on something, email me at nancy@plussizenerd.com or DM me on any social media and I’ll help you. I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating CowCow‘s website.)

Space Background Design Long Sleeve Skater Dress

Funny Cat Succulent Pattern Leggings

Gamer V-Neck Dolman Drape Top

Pretty Pentacle Rainbow Plus Size Leggings

Red Chinese DragonShort Sleeve Skater Dress

Grass Love Cross Front Sharkbite Hem Maxi Dress

Mystic Teal Pagan Pentacle Wiccan Long Sleeve Tunic

Flowers And Skulls Hooded Wind Breaker

Sweet Lollipop Cupcake Donut Seamless Skater Dress

Day of the Dead Hoodie

Connect with CowCow Designer Olivia Hathaway

Follow Olivia on Instagram especially to see her wonderful designs. You can also follow her on other social media. Be sure to DM her if you see something you like!




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