My Fave Plus Size Clothing Pieces

After years of trial and error, I finally have favorite plus size clothing pieces that I wear until they fall apart. And then I buy the same thing over again.

From my bra and underwear, to my tops and bottoms, to my outerwear, I’ve put together a solid stable of go-to plus size clothing.

If you’re looking to find some clothes and products that, as a plus size woman, you can rely on, check out my list of favorites, starting inside and working out. No doubt you’ll find something that you love and buy year after year.

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Favorite Pieces of Plus Size Clothing

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and buy something.

Plus Size Bra

When I was in my mid-30s, I finally got properly fitted for a bra. Ladies, unless you’ve had someone who REALLY knows how to fit a bra for big boobs, you don’t know how good you can feel and look. Every woman who had ever tried to fit me in department stores, Victoria’s Secret (please) and even Lane Bryant, had failed me. Then a woman at Gie Gie’s Lingerie in Paoli, Pennsylvania changed my life. I am NOT exaggerating.

She measured me, kind of sized me up visually, and came back with a couple of bras to try on. We found the perfect one and I have never tried another bra since. Nothing gets squished out the top, sides or bottom. My boobs are held high. And my new bra gave me a waist again. I beg you: Get fitted for real. If you have big boobs, those stretchy, thin straps on Cacique bras are going to do NOTHING for you.

Now, a really good bra is a little bit expensive. But trust me. It will last for years and IT’S WORTH IT. I know a lot of women don’t like underwire, but that’s the only thing I find that keeps me completely supported.

Favorite bra: Wacoal Women’s Awareness Underwire Bra in 42H

Plus Size Underwear

The only underwear I like is cotton. Those slippery, satiny undies just aren’t my thing. And, I don’t have time to matchy-match my underwear and bras. I know some women are all about that, and I applaud them.

Instead, I rely on what some may call “granny panties” and I don’t care. They’re comfortable and they do what they need to do. If I want to get fancy, I go to Torrid and buy some super geeky panties. In fact, recently I bought Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Batman and Pepe Le Pew underwear from Torrid.

Favorite underwear: Just My Size hi-cut or Torrid underwear

Plus Size Tops

A certain style is the most flattering to my very bosomy figure. When I see Harry Potter or superhero shirts in this style, I buy a bunch.

I like football jerseys or baseball tees, the kind of shirt with a slanted sleeve seam. I also like 3/4 sleeves and a scooped hem. Those seem to flatter my large bust and hips.

Favorite tops: Baseball tees from Torrid

Plus Size Bottoms

One day, in Starbucks, I was telling one of the baristas that I needed yoga pants, but my favorite store, Fashion Bug Plus, had gone out of business. She told me that she worked at Torrid and that I should try their jeggings.

Now, denim had  not touched my skin in years. My black yoga pants, which were slightly bootcut, were my go-to pants. However, I stopped in when she was there and she fitted me out with jeggings. Friends, I have never looked back! They’re soooo comfy. And they look damn good, if I do say so myself.

Favorite bottoms: Torrid jeggings

Plus Size Dresses

It should come as no surprise that I usually find the perfect dress at Torrid. I mean, I’ve only gone on and on about them. I’ll throw out an honorable mention to Macy’s, however. I’ve found some really flattering dresses there in the past.

Favorite dresses: Torrid wrap dresses


I wish I had enough space to buy every cool pair of socks I see. I love socks! Because they always fit. And they’re just so fun. My favorite socks are my Hogwarts house socks. There’s a pair each for all four houses, plus another pair with the Hogwarts crest. I always feel happy when I wear them.

Favorite socks: Hogwarts house socks


I’ll confess that, for a long time, Crocs were my favorite shoes. (Deep down, they still are!) But I got to the point where I wanted to look nice when I was out and about, even if I was dressed casually.

I actually have two favorite kinds of shoes. Where I live in Pennsylvania, the seasons are just too extreme to have only one favorite pair of shoes.  For warm weather, I wear Keens. They’re very comfortable, my feet don’t get hot, and I can wear them when I’m hiking and camping with my Girl Scout troop. For cooler weather, I wear Clarks. I found an absolutely adorable pair of Mary Janes that are now my go to shoes in fall and winter (as long was it’s not too snowy).

Favorite shoes: Keens and Clarks Mary Janes

Plus Size Outerwear (Updated)

I only have a few pieces of plus size outwear that I switch between. An Avengers hoodie for cool weather, a tartan poncho from Etsy for cool weather, a puffy black coat for cold weather, and my newest favorite — a Harry Potter cloak from Torrid.

I tried the cloak on for a YouTube video and I fell in love instantly. I just couldn’t send it back. It’s been worth it! I feel quite magical when I wear it.

Favorite outerwear: Tartan poncho

Here’s a list of online stores where I like to shop. I am also an affiliate of these shops because I love them so much!