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How to Fight Sexism with Data, Facts and T-shirt Slogans

The Feminist Shop is a new online store founded by Virginia Mendez and Chris McEldowney. In my video interview, Virginia tells me how she’s fighting sexism and gender inequality by offering a space online where people…

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How to Dress for Your Shape

It’s hard to dress for your shape when you’re a plus size woman. Just finding attractive clothes in your size is tough. Add to that trying to dress for your shape and shopping can be…

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Top 10 Things to Do at Universal Studios That Aren’t Rides

Are you wondering what to do at Universal Studios Orlando besides rides? If you don’t want to ride rides, there are plenty of fantastic things you can still do. In this video, I shared, my…

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Overcoming Boredom When You’re Stuck at Home

Overcoming boredom is hard, yo, when you’re stuck at home. Pandemic! Self-isolation! Everything’s closed! WTF are we supposed to do? The resources I’m sharing are genius things I’ve come across on Facebook and Instagram for…

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How to Get (and Keep) a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image can be a challenge when you’re a plus size woman. Everywhere we look, we’re sent a message that we’re too big. That we’re unattractive. That if we just worked hard…

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Changing Her Mindset Made All the Difference

Kim McAndrew of In Plain Sight Style was worried about what her son and her boyfriend would think. She worried that people would judge her harshly and criticize her. Meanwhile, she couldn’t enjoy her Disneyland…

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Will Universal Studios Rides Fit My Plus Size?

Will Universal Studios rides fit my plus size? That’s a question a lot of plus size women (and men) ask themselves when they’re deciding whether or not to go to a Universal Theme Park. Many…

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