Dia&Co Review and Unboxing

I know the whole Dia&Co process can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of steps, right? There’s taking the quiz, and what if you want to change your answers, and what do you do if you don’t want anything in the box, or what if you want everything in the box, and how many boxes are you committed to, and… I’ve heard women say all of these things.

That’s why I put together this Dia&Co review, to answer some of the questions that aren’t obvious on the Dia&Co website. Plus, you can watch the Dia&Co unboxing I did for Facebook Live.

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I’ve gotten two boxes from Dia&Co and I loved them. I was genuinely surprised that they styled me so well without ever having seen me! I even got some plaid pants that look a little Doctor Who-ish because they tried to match my nerd style. How cool is that?

In my most recent box, they sent a maxi dress that literally made one of the trainers go “Wow!” when he saw me. (And yes, he’s smokin’ hot. So I felt really good about myself.)

The only downside is that the stuff they send can be expensive, even when you say you want budget-friendly clothes. Not always, just sometimes. If you’ve got your budget on your mind, save getting a Dia&Co box for a special occasion or if you need a professional wardrobe or if you’re building up essentials in your closet that you’ll mix and match forever.

(You can see a price breakdown of my Dia&Co box toward the bottom of this post.)

Dia&Co Review

Here are five things to know from my Dia&Co review.

#1 You don’t have to get a box every month. When people hear “subscription box” they automatically think they have to commit to several months. That means paying monthly for something you’re not even sure you’re going to like.

But that’s not the case with Dia&Co. They don’t required any lengthy commitment. You can order a box on demand, when you feel like it, without an actual “subscription.”

#2 You can choose your items or let them choose for you. Have you ever used Gwynnie Bee? Gwynnie Bee is a ship-to-you clothing box with plus sizes. Then, you can wear the clothes as long as you like, and then send them back. Or, you can pay to keep them.

I hated it. The whole reason I signed up for a ship-to-you clothing box was because I hate shopping. I hate picking out clothes. And Gwynnie Bee requires you to pick out your clothes.

One of the reasons I love Dia&Co is because they pick out the clothes for me. They assign a stylist to my order and she does all the choosing. I absolutely love it. It’s almost like I’m a Hollywood celebrity with my own stylist, except that we work together through the mail and the interwebz.

However, you might really like to shop, but don’t have time to actually do the shopping. If that’s the case, you can visit the shopping section of their website and choose what you want in your Dia&Co box. Maybe you like a little more control. If so, this is a great option for you.

#3 They know sizes better than you do. Please, don’t take offense. You and I both know that every frickin’ brand or designer has their own sizing system. It’s ridiculous! (Just another way the patriarchy is holding us down. Canna I get an amen?) To figure out what size you need for every darn piece of clothing you want, you either have to compare your measurements to their chart OR try something on. Ugh.

The Dia&Co stylists, however, KNOW sizing. They’ve got tons of experiences with all different brands and designers. So, when they look at your measurements, boom. They know exactly what’s going to fit and look good.

Now, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. I got a pair of capris that weren’t capris on me at all. They were kind of cargo-y pants on me. (I sent them back.) But in three different boxes that I’ve gotten, that’s the only time something didn’t fit.

#4 They have active wear. They’re not just dressy and business casual clothes. They also have an entire active wear service. And let me tell you, this ain’t your mama’s sweatpants. These clothes are C-U-T-E.

If you’re looking for motivations to get active and healthy, here it is. I’m doubling down on my efforts to get to the gym. Wearing comfortable, flattering and stylish leggings, tanks and tops makes me feel like I’m supposed to be there, y’know?

And it’s the same deal as the other boxes. You can choose items or not. You can keep them or not. You can get them on demand or a subscription.

#5 Let’s clear up some questions about the $20 styling fee. That $20 styling fee seems like a lot to plunk down when you don’t even know if you’re going to like the service or the clothes. I get it. I felt that way too.

What I didn’t realize, is that they waive the styling fee on your first box. That means, no $20 on your very first Dia&Co box.

Also, if you order anything in the box you receive, they subtract that $20 fee from the total. So, if your clothing order is $75, for instance, you’ll only pay $55 after they credit you for that $20 styling fee. Pretty sweet, right?

Now, if you don’t buy anything, and it’s NOT your first box, yes, you will still pay $20. But that makes sense. They have a staff of women they need to pay. They have rent and utilities and a warehouse full of clothes. (Probably.) So if they take the time to pick out clothes that they feel are right for you, pay the stylist, pay for shipping, all that good stuff, then they would lose a ton of money if they did that every time and people returned the clothes and paid nothing. See what I mean?

On the flip side, that $20 buys you a personal stylist. (Remember the celebrity feeling?) It also pays for free shipping, both ways. You don’t have to bother with USPS or UPS or anything. The label and bag for returns come right in your box. And, if you want something in a different size, there’s no fee to exchange it. That’s a pretty good deal for $20.

Extra Tip – If you keep everything you get a 25% discount. Yup. If you keep everything in the box, they take 25% off the total. Let’s take a look at an example. I’ll use the last box I got.

What I Received

$65.00 Parksville Cargo Capri Pant

$49.00 Alexandra Asymmetrical Rouched Top

$55.00 Carnation Short Sleeve Surplice Maxi Dress

$29.00 Julie Sheer Printed Kimono Meri Skye

$32.00 Karlie Lattice Tee Molly & Isadora

What I Paid

+ $49.00
+ $55.00
+ $29.00
+ $32.00
– $20
– 25%

For five upscale, quality pieces that make me feel terrific? Worth it.

I’m terrible at shopping. I usually end up with a solid color top that sorta works and some kind of leggings. I have trouble thinking outside the box, because I have zero patience. Dia&Co makes me feel good about clothes again. I love how I look and I love their personalized service.

Bonus Download

I’m not just an affiliate of Dia&Co. I’m a customer. I love their service. I always feel confident and attractive when I wear the clothes my stylist chose for me. And because I want you to love their service too, I created a .PDF checklist that helps you keep track of where you are in the styling process.

The checklist covers ordering, trying on, paying and returning. It can be confusing because there are several steps. My checklist will make the whole thing easier. And after you buy a couple of boxes, you won’t have any trouble keeping track of what’s going on.

I hope this Dia&Co FAQ answered some of your most pressing questions. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions, or check out the FAQ on their website.

Get Styled by Dia&Co >>

Bonus Checklist

My bonus checklist is only for buyers. If you’d like a copy of my 2-page, .PDF checklist, here’s what to do.

  1. Pay for a Dia&Co box.
  2. Screenshot your receipt or use the “print screen” function. (You can blur or edit out your credit card number if it shows.)
  3. Email the receipt to me at nancy@plussizenerd.com with “Dia&Co Checklist” as your subject line.
  4. I will email you the checklist ASAP!