Plus size nerd clothing for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and other fandoms.

Plus Size Torrid Fangirl Try On – Fall 2019

I’ve been dying to try on a ton of plus size Torrid fangirl clothes that are only available online. So, I finally did it! I placed a HUGE order for plus size Torrid fangirl online exclusives.…

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Plus Size RoseGal Halloween Try On

It might only be September, but we are getting ready for Halloween! I recently recorded a fun plus size RoseGal Halloween clothes try on. The Halloween plus size clothes from RoseGal always look so good…

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Plus Size Disney Parks Dress for Women

Now you can get a plus size Disney Parks dress outside of Orlando and Anaheim. If you’ve visited any of the Disney parks, you know they have merch you can’t get anywhere else. That’s how…

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Plus Size Disney Dresses for Spring

Putting together Disney bound spring outfits is so much fun! Spring is a time for renewal. That includes your wardrobe! I searched my favorite online stores to get ideas for Disney bound dresses and accessories…

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Take Your Happy Place Everywhere – Literally

You hear it all the time, either as a joke or as a suggestion when you’re, say, having blood drawn: “Go to your happy place.” With a GPS coordinate bracelet from Sincerely Silver, you can…

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Plus Size Prom Dress: The Nerd Edition

Ah, prom. A rite of passage in high school that either gives you the heebie jeebies or gives you immense joy. I fell into the latter category. I loved, loved, loved my prom. (I had…

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The Hottest Plus Size Swimsuits for Nerds

Swimsuit season shouldn’t cause anyone anxiety, least of all a hot plus size nerd like yourself. Don’t be afraid to hit the beach or lounge poolside just because you’ve got generous curves. These gorgeous and…

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