Plus Size Prom Dress: The Nerd Edition

Plus Size Prom Dress Feature

Ah, prom. A rite of passage in high school that either gives you the heebie jeebies or gives you immense joy. I fell into the latter category. I loved, loved, loved my prom. (I had a junior and senior prom) because it meant getting to wear FORMAL GOWNS.

Today, girls don't wear gowns like they used to. They generally wear what I would say are cocktail dresses. But what's a plus size nerd supposed to do when they want to rep' their fandom?

I've put together a slew of plus size prom dress ideas for geeks. Some of these are fairly literal representations of certain characters, others are just inspired by them.

Here and there I also included ideas for accessories, mostly from Etsy, because you can findย anything on Etsy.

Please note: No matter what the model in the pictures looks like, each of these dresses is available in a plus size or custom-made to your measurements.

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Collage of plus size prom dresses

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Hufflepuff Prom

[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Yellow Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2937″ text_2=”Steampunk Hufflepuff” brand_2=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2938″ text_3=”Hufflepuff Hat” brand_3=”Mrs. M. Historic Hats” url_3=”″ id_3_1=”2939″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Gryffindor Prom

[dahz_framework_product_4_col text_1=”Gryffindor Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2940″ text_2=”Gold Bow” brand_2=”DressLily” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2941″ text_3=”Gryffindor Bag” brand_3=”Willamina's Bag Shoppe” url_3=”” id_3_1=”2942″ text_4=”Steampunk Gryffindor” brand_4=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_4=”″ id_4_1=”2943″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Slytherin Prom

[dahz_framework_product_4_col text_1=”Slytherin Long Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2944″ text_2=”Slytherin Short Dress” brand_2=”DressLily” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2945″ text_3=”Steampunk Slytherin” brand_3=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_3=”” id_3_1=”2946″ text_4=”Slytherin Hat” brand_4=”Mrs. M. Historic Hats” url_4=”″ id_4_1=”2947″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Ravenclaw Prom

[dahz_framework_product_4_col text_1=”Blue and Bronze Flare Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2949″ text_2=”Ravenclaw Hair Bow” brand_2=”Enchanted Bowtique” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2950″ text_3=”Ravenclaw Steampunk” brand_3=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_3=”″ id_3_1=”2951″ text_4=”Ravenclaw Hat” brand_4=”Mrs. M. Historic Hats” url_4=”″ id_4_1=”2952″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Princess Leia

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Princess Leia Gown” brand_1=”Torrid” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2914″ text_2=”Princess Leia Belt” brand_2=”Dollyiance” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2915″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Wonder Woman

[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Wonder Woman Gown” brand_1=”Blueberry Costumes” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2921″ text_2=”Wonder Woman Inspired Dress” brand_2=”DressLily” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2922″ text_3=”Wonder Woman Cuffs and Accessories” brand_3=”Cape and Cloak” url_3=”″ id_3_1=”2923″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

[dahz_framework_row][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″]

Wear Your Size To Your Style

[/dahz_framework_column][dahz_framework_column width=”1/2″]

Wear Your Size To Your Style


Harley Quinn

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Harley Quinn Steampunk Gown” brand_1=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2919″ text_2=”Harley Quinn Halter Dress” brand_2=”Tru Fandom” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2920″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]


[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Loki Sun Dress” brand_1=”Frockasaurus” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2927″ text_2=”Loki Steampunk” brand_2=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_2=”” id_2_1=”2928″ text_3=”Loki Dress and Cape” brand_3=”The Modest Maiden” url_3=”″ id_3_1=”2929″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Doctor Who

[dahz_framework_product_4_col text_1=”Plus Size Blue Gown” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2909″ text_2=”Police Box Riding Hat” brand_2=”Blonde Swan Hats” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2910″ text_3=”Doctor Who Steampunk Gown” brand_3=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_3=”” id_3_1=”2911″ text_4=”Doctor Who Gown Pattern” brand_4=”Prettyful Patterns” url_4=”″ id_4_1=”2912″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Captain America

[dahz_framework_product_4_col text_1=”Blue Flare Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2931″ text_2=”One Shoulder Blue Dress” brand_2=”Curve Girl” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2932″ text_3=”Captain America Steampunk” brand_3=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_3=”” id_3_1=”2933″ text_4=”Captain America Necklace” brand_4=”Odalisque Shop” url_4=”” id_4_1=”2934″ /]

[dahz_framework_single_product id_1=”2935″ product=”I'm With You Til the End of the Line Bracelet” url=”″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Poison Ivy

[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Poison Ivy Gown” brand_1=”The Daintyard” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2916″ text_2=”Poison Ivy Hair Clips” brand_2=”Costurero Real” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2917″ text_3=”Leaf Cuff / Bracelet” brand_3=”Pearls and Tulle” url_3=”” id_3_1=”2918″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Iron Man

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Iron Man Steampunk” brand_1=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2925″ text_2=”Iron Man Corset” brand_2=”Silver Leaf Costumes” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2926″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]


[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Spider-Man Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”” id_1_1=”2953″ text_2=”Spider Web Necklace” brand_2=”Green Tree Jewelry” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2954″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]


[dahz_framework_product_3_col text_1=”Ursula Tentacles Dress” brand_1=”DressLily” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2955″ text_2=”Ursula Halter Dress” brand_2=”DressLily” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2956″ text_3=”Mermaid Shell Necklace” brand_3=”Midnight Vision” url_3=”″ id_3_1=”2957″ /]

[dahz_framework_empty_space space=”30px”/]

Did you wear something nerdy to prom? Take a pic and tag me @plussizenerd. I'll share it in my stories!

Author: Nancy Basile

Nancy Basile has been a nerd since the first time she wore Wonder Woman Underoos. Being plus size is just, well, a plus.

2 thoughts on “Plus Size Prom Dress: The Nerd Edition”

  1. I loveeeee this!!! I of course have my Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad sequin dress from Torrid that I can wear for more “fancy occasions”, but I also have a TARDIS “swing dress” that’s like heavy brocade material and super fancy from the plus sized collection at Hot Topic, and I called it my TARDIS Disney Princess dress, cuz I legit feel like a Disney Princess in it, haha!!! <3 <3 <3 I haven't had a chance to wear that one out to an event yet, because it's like SUPER DUPER fancy, though, like legit damn near a FULL OUT ball gown, though I DID wear it this past Halloween season as just a costume type thing, for a cosplay of my version of TARDIS Disney Princess… LMFAOOOO!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3 <3 <3 I also have a more "Wonder Woman" ensemble of an outfit that I can wear to events and such, including a delicate handmade tiara that I got from Etsy, and a dress, and a choice of like three badass pairs of shoes (over the knee red boots, ankle red boots, or strappy blue heels, all pretty fancy themselves)… LMFAOOOO!!! So, for the moment, those are my three CURRENT "geeky" fancy outfits that I have on hand, that I can think of right off the bat that are pretty much "ready made" already!!! <3 <3 <3

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