Gift Guides for Plus Women Who Are Nerds

These gift guides for plus size women are foolproof. Meaning, don’t be a fool. Don’t buy a t-shirt, sweater, pajamas, dress, whatever for the plus size woman in your life. (Scroll to the bottom if you want to get straight to the gift guides. This next bit is why you need gift guides for plus size women who are nerds.)

Let me explain. When you’re a plus size woman, as I am, getting any piece of clothing as a gift is painful. (Really, giving any woman a piece of clothing is a dicey proposition because we all have such singular tastes that it would be hard for you to know what to get her.)

I can only speak from my own experiences, of course, but I can’t imagine your plus sized gal is much different. When I get a gift that’s too small, it makes me feel fat. End of story. I feel like I’m “wrong” because I can’t fit into whatever it is the loved one in my life wants me to wear. Now I’ve let them down and it becomes a WHOLE THING.

Or, if it’s too big, then I wonder, just how big do they think I am? I feel like a deflated balloon (ironic, I know). I slap a tight smile on my face and keep on truckin’, knowing that the person who was kind enough to give me a circus tent for a sweatshirt really thought it would fit me.

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Gift Guides for Plus Size Women Pin

Are you getting the picture? Do you see what I mean?

That’s why I created these gift guides for plus size women who are nerds. All you have to do is pick the gift guide of her favorite fandom. Is she a fan of Harry Potter? Gift guide. Is she a fan of Star Wars? Gift guide. Nothing on any of these gift guides requires you to know her size or clothing tastes. But everything on these gift guides are sure to to speak to her tender heart.

Gift Guides

Harry Potter Fan Gift Guide – Whether she’s been reading the books since they first came out or is only a fan of the movies, there’s something for your plus size Harry Potter fan on this list.

Disney Fan Gift Guide – We don’t have to be little girls to be swept away by Disney movies. These gifts are perfect for the adult woman who still loves princesses and adventures.

Marvel Fan Gift Guide – After she’s dried her tears I’m sure she’s ready to remember all the good times that the Avengers gave us. These gifts will help.

Star Wars Fan Gift Guide – The 9-film saga may be ending but stand-alone movies and The Mandalorian are keeping her spirits stoked. Get her one of these gifts.

Game of Thrones Fan Gift Guide – No matter which House she allies with, there’s something for your Khaleesi in this gift guide.

DC Fan Gift Guide – This gift guide is full of gifts representing DC’s strongest female warrior: Wonder Woman. A few other characters make appearances too.

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