Plus Size Star Wars and Star Trek Costumes

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In a galaxy far, far away lies the final frontier. This blog post is all about space-related costumes, like plus size Star Wars costumes and plus size Star Trek costumes. There's even one for Firefly!

I've always been a fan of science fiction. I was 7-years-old when Princess Leia showed up on the Death Star, kicking butt and shooting stormtroopers. Carrie Fisher (I miss her!) was my role model before I knew what a role model was. (Funny story: My dad went to see Star Wars: A New Hope before he took my brother and me because the poster showed Princess Leia in a clingy, filmy dress. He was worried it would be racy. Ha!)

Check out these gorgeous plus size Star Wars and Star Trek costumes.

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Woman wearing a white dress like Princess Leia's in Star Wars
Plus Size Princess Leia Costume

Plus Size Princess Leia Costume – The first Princess Leia costume to grace the big screen. This flowing white plus size Princess Leia costume from Torrid. doesn't, however, come with a belt. Be sure to check out these plus size Star Wars dresses for more great options. (If you need help with the cinnamon bun hairdo, check out this unique Princess Leia hair band made with tulle or this crocheted Princess Leia wig.

Three dresses modeled after the women's uniforms on Star Trek
Plus Size Star Trek Costume

Plus Size Star Trek Costume – These plus size Star Trek dresses from ThinkGeek come in three classic shades: gold or yellow for the command division; blue is for the sciences and medical division; and red is for operations, like engineering or security.

Woman wearing a brown jumpsuit
Plus Size Kaylee Costume

Plus Size Kaylee Costume (Firefly) – Ah, Kaylee. She was the cock-eyed optimist of Firefly. This awesome jumpsuit (in brown, of course) does come in plus sizes at ThinkGeek.

Woman wearing a shiny, silver jacket
Plus Size Captain Phasma Jacket

Plus Size Captain Phasma Jacket – Captain Phasma is the first female stormtrooper we've seen in the Star Wars universe. You could keep your costume to a minimum with this plus size Star Wars jacket from ThinkGeek. Silver leggings and/or a helmet would ramp it up a bit, but the jacket alone is cool for everyday wear. Be sure to check out these plus size Star Wars dresses for more options.

Which space costume is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

Woman wearing a Hogwarts t-shirt
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Nancy Basile has been a nerd since the first time she wore Wonder Woman Underoos. Being plus size is just, well, a plus.

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    1. Hot tip: ThinkGeek is NOTORIOUS for huge discounts if you give something a little time. I shelled out $75 for my Gryffindor onesie. Only a few months later, it was about $18. I bet after Halloween, or even in a few months, it will be cheaper.

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