Plus Size Star Wars and Star Trek Costumes

In a galaxy far, far away lies the final frontier. This blog post is all about space-related costumes, like plus size Star Wars costumes and plus size Star Trek costumes. There’s even one for Firefly!

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction. I was 7-years-old when Princess Leia showed up on the Death Star, kicking butt and shooting stormtroopers. Carrie Fisher (I miss her!) was my role model before I knew what a role model was. (Funny story: My dad went to see Star Wars: A New Hope before he took my brother and me because the poster showed Princess Leia in a clingy, filmy dress. He was worried it would be racy. Ha!)

Check out these gorgeous plus size Star Wars and Star Trek costumes.

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Plus Size Star Wars and Star Trek Costumes

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Princess Leia

Torrid used to sell a wonderful plus size Princess Leia costume. But it is since sold out and they don’t offer it anymore. (You can find it sometimes on eBay.) You have a few different options for plus size Princess Leia costumes. Some are custom made, some are just sized up. Listed below are the best options I could find online for plus size Princess Leia costumes.

Plus Size Princess Leia Costume

Plus Size Princess Leia (up to 9X) – Okay, cheesy photo aside (sorry, model, I’m sure you did your best) this may be your best bet for a plus size Princess Leia costume. It goes up to 9X, and sells for as low as $49 (depending on your size).

Plus Size Princess Leia Costume (up to 5X)

Kenicky’s Plus Size Princess Leia Dress – Kenicky’s on Etsy has a wonderful plus size Princess Leia costume. Goes up to 5XL but you provide measurements to get a great fit.

Plus Size Princess Leia XL

Plus Size Princess Leia (XL) – This costume is only for sizes 14-16, 40 to 42-inch bust, 36 to 38-inch waist. Barely qualifies as plus size, but anything about size 12 is considered plus size. If this is your size, you will look damn fine because the princess seams will hug your curves. Even includes the wig!

Plus Size Princess Leia Jacket

Plus Size Princess Leia Jacket – If you don’t want to go full-on Leia, you could wear this plus size Princess Leia jacket from Her Universe. Pair it with jeans, leggings, whatever you like.

Need boots? Check out Amazon‘s selection of wide calf white gogo boots to go with your costume.


Plus Size Rey Costume

Plus Size Rey Costume – For the price (a little over $50) you can’t beat this Rey costume. I’m not crazy about how cream-colored it is, but it comes with everything you see in the picture, minus the shoes. (You can get short, brown boots just about anywhere.) This “plus size” fits size 18 – 20. Add a light saber so you can take down Kylo Ren when you see him. (And on Halloween, you KNOW you’ll see him.)

Plus Size Rey Cosplay

Plus Size Rey Cosplay – This Rey costume is more of a cosplay costume because it’s more expensive (over $100) and has more pieces. This is what Rey wore in Star Wars: The Force Awakens after joining General Organa and the Rebel Alliance. Goes up to XXXL.

Rey Casual Cosplay – Instead of going all out for your costume, you could do a little casual cosplay and still rep’ Rey. This hooded cape and these fingerless gloves will do the trick. Add the leggings of your choice, boots and a light saber and you’re all set.

Rey Hooded Cape

Rey Fingerless Gloves

Star Trek

Plus Size Star Trek Costume – These plus size Star Trek costumes come in three variations. Blue is for the sciences and medical division and red is for operations, like engineering or security. There’s also a blue Into Darkness version that I think is super cute because the fabric is slightly different. All of these plus size Star Trek costumes go up to 3X. Click an image to see that color or click the above text link to see search results.

Plus Size Star Trek Red Costume

Plus Size Star Trek Blue Costume

Plus Size Star Trek Into Darkness Costume


ThinkGeek used to have a fantastic Kaylee costume from Firefly. Of course, they are no more. However, you can DIY a plus size Kaylee costume fairly easily. I found two great DIY sites with ideas. Check out Quirkbooks or Maggie’s Costume Site for your own plus size Kaylee ideas.

Captain Phasma

Plus Size Captain Phasma – There’s only one plus size Captain Phasma costume out there. It only goes up to XL, which measures 44 to 46-inch in jacket size, 36 to 40-inch waist. Blaster sold separately.

Plus Size Captain Phasma CostumeRelated:

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