Plus Size Disney Costumes for Halloween

Plus size Disney costumes are the perfect costumes for curvy women. They’re not muumuus, but they’re also not so tight and skimpy that we look like a walking anatomy chart.

These plus size Disney costumes are pretty, flattering and — at least in Torrid‘s case — very, very well-made. They should last you several Halloweens, at the very least.

Whether you’re looking to walk on the dark side — Maleficent, Evil Queen, Ursula — or step out as someone else — Tinker Bell, Captain Marvel — you’ll find a plus size Disney costume to love for Halloween.

Watch me try on lots of costumes and fangirl clothes from Torrid.

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Plus Size Disney Costumes for Halloween

I’m so glad Torrid jumped into the Halloween market. I absolutely love their clothes (Torrid is totally my go-to store) because they’re cut well, the stitching isn’t weak, and the fabrics are good quality, so they don’t fall apart after only a handful of washes. Their Halloween costumes have that same high-quality tailoring. They know that making a costume plus-size doesn’t mean just making it bigger. Torrid knows that making a costume plus size means we still need princess seams and darts and a flattering cut to the bodice.

Plus, Torrid created plus size Disney costumes that aren’t necessarily “plus size” in the movies. I love Ursula the Sea Witch as much as anyone, but it’s nice to see Tinkerbell and Red Riding Hood in the mix.

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Woman wearing horns and a witch costume as Maleficent

Plus Size Maleficent Costume

Plus Size Maleficent Costume – I mean, WOW! This plus size Halloween costume from Torrid is ah-mazing! I’m afraid I might just wear that, like, all the time (maybe without the horns). The inner green lining, the hi-lo hem, along with the flip collar and high waist make this a super sexy plus size Halloween costume. Torrid says search for “SKU 10210378” to find the matching horns on their website. Entertainment Earth also sells horns here.

Woman in red riding hood costume

Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume – Ruby was my favorite character on Once Upon a Time. I was sad when she left the show. I thoroughly enjoyed, however, the turn of events that revealed what her character really was. (I’m not going to spoil anything, don’t worry.) This gorgeous plus size Red Riding Hood costume from Torrid reminds me of her. The fingerless gloves and the vest are fantastic touches.

Photo of a woman wearing a purple and black dress

Plus Size Ursula Costume

Plus Size Ursula Costume – OMG this Torrid plus size Ursula costume from The Little Mermaid is so gorgeous I think Ariel would be jealous. I love the purple and black triangles that make up the hem. Super flattering! Just so you know, the crown and cape are sold separately.

Woman wearing Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume

Plus Size ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally Costume

Plus Size ‘Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally Costume – Ah, poor Sally. She had such a tough life! Until she took matters into her own hands, that is. Literally. She sewed herself back together. This plus size Nightmare Before Christmas costume from Torrid is actually prettier than poor Sally’s, I think. The bodice is especially flattering for us buxom babes.

Plus Size Evil Queen Costume

Plus Size Evil Queen Costume – Okay, this isn’t technically labeled an Evil Queen costume (evil storybook queen? please). However, this plus size Evil Queen costume looks like it literally stepped off the Disney screen. The princess seams and the purple panel in the center will make this costume super flattering. Goes up to 3X.

Woman wearing green Tinkerbell dress

Plus Size Tinkerbell Costume

Plus Size Tinkerbell Costume – This has got to be the prettiest — maybe sexiest — plus size Disney costume I’ve seen. The color of green on this plus size Tinkerbell from Torrid is soft, but vibrant. That high waist and sweetheart bustline are very flattering.

Woman wearing hat and dress and boots for pirate costume

Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume

Plus Size Pirate Wench Costume – Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that THIS plus size pirate costume is fantastically feminist. She looks like a hot and sexy wench without looking like a damsel in distress. The cold shoulder and sassy sash trim really make this costume from Torrid unique.

Woman wearing tights as Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Plus Size Elastigirl Costume

Plus Size Elastigirl Costume – Don’t let the very thin woman in this photo turn you away from being a member of The Incredibles for Halloween. This plus size Elastigirl costume I found on Amazon runs up into 2XL and higher (at least, when I checked they were still available). Elastigirl can kick serious butt, and you can too this year!

Mask and gloves from The Incredibles

Incredibles Costume

Incredibles Costume – These accessories from Entertainment Earth would turn any red body suit or leggings and t-shirt combo into an Incredible. You could shop for your own separates then throw on this mask and logo and these gloves to complete your plus size Elastigirl costume.

Grass skirt and tube top for Moana costume

Plus Size Moana Costume from Ka Lima Nanea on Etsy

Plus Size Moana Costume – Moana is amazing. She’s strong, resourceful, intelligent and brave. Who wouldn’t want to wear her costume for Halloween? This Moana costume can be custom made to your measurements by the Ka Lima Nanea shop on Etsy. Details like the fabric pattern and seashell trim make this costume a near replica.

Woman wearing dress from Dorothy in Wizard of Oz

Plus Size Wizard of Oz Costume of Dorothy

Plus Size ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy Costume – I used to braid my hair like Dorothy’s every year after watching The Wizard of Oz on TV. (That was back when you could only see it once a year in the spring.) This authentic plus size Dorothy costume from Warner Bros. Shop only includes the dress and the hair bows. The basket, socks, shoes and Toto are up to you.

What will you be for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!

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