Plus Size Marvel Costumes for Halloween and Cosplay

Plus size Marvel costumes are more popular than ever, thanks to the record-shattering success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Although the early movies were fronted by male superheroes only, Disney and Marvel quickly realized that women were a huge part of their audience and wanted movies fronted by female superheroes (duh).

Thus, Captain Marvel was a huge success when it was released in 2019. Now, we’ve got a Black Widow movie and a series starring Scarlet Witch on the way. Plus, more Black Panther movies are headed our way, so that means seeing more of Nakia, Okoye and Shuri.

Check out these plus size Marvel costumes to wear for Halloween or to your next comic con.

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Plus Size Marvel Costumes

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Plus Size Captain Marvel Costume

Plus Size Captain Marvel Costume – Who doesn’t want to be Carol Danvers for Halloween, am I right? She’s more powerful than any other Avenger! This bodysuit on Amazon comes in two different shades – before realization and after (no spoilers!). However, it only goes up to a size 20. Pro tip: Wearing body-shaping undergarments will give you an extra boost of confidence when you’re rockin’ this costume.

Plus Size Captain Marvel Dress Costume

Plus Size Captain Marvel Dress – If you’re not into wearing a bodysuit, you can still rep’ Captain Marvel. And at a reasonable price. This plus size Captain Marvel dress from MNJ Creative on Etsy is cute as all get-out and would be super cute with blue or red tights from Snag Tights. (I highly recommend Snag Tights. They’re crazy comfortable.) Goes up to 3X.

Plus Size Black Widow Costume

Plus Size Black Widow Cosplay – This costume is over $100. However, if you’re a cosplayer and you’re going to get a lot of wear from it, go for it. It will be a good investment. If you’re just dressing as Black Widow for fun and/or Halloween, I have a cheaper alternative below. Goes up to XXXL.

Plus Size Black Widow Costume Bodysuit

Plus Size Black Widow Costume – This is a kickass plus size Black Widow costume! It’s super sexy and made really well. (Be sure to check out the backside view on Amazon.) It also comes with a leg holster, waist-cincher and fingerless gloves. You’ll need to add the boots. You can also get more Black Widow accessories.

Plus Size Shuri Costume

Plus Size Shuri Costume – Who wouldn’t want to wear a plus size Shuri costume for Halloween or comic con? She’s a kickass scientist who gets it over on her big bro all the time. Shuri became one of the most popular female superheroes whens he debuted in Black Panther in 2018. This costume goes up to size 18-20 only, unfortunately. It comes with everything you see but the boots.

Plus Size Okoye Costume

Plus Size Okoye Costume – Or really, any Dora Milaje (including a reluctant Nakia). Don’t let the tiny size in this photo fool you. Little Lady Diva on Etsy will custom make a costume up to 5X. (In fact, she has a photo of a plus size cosplayer on the listing.) However, it will cost you, depending on your size. If you can sew or are crafty at all, this DIY Dora Milaje costume video might inspire you.

Plus Size Valkyrie Costume

Plus Size Valkyrie – Although this isn’t the full costume, it’s pretty darn close and cheaper than a custom cosplay costume. Just add a pair of leggings and boots and you’ve got a great plus size Valkyrie costume. Goes up to 3X or custom made.

Plus Size Spider Gwen

Plus Size Spider Gwen – Ah, Spider Gwen. She’s one of my favorite Marvel characters! I was so happy she had such an important role in Into the Spider-Verse. This bodysuit has a zipper in the back and goes up to XXXL.

Plus Size Scarlet Witch Costume

Plus Size Scarlet Witch – Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reasonably priced plus size Scarlet Witch costume. This one, which is over $100, only goes up to XXL as it is. It’s gorgeous, but you may not be crazy about the price or the size. Check out my casual cosplay of Scarlet Witch as an alternative. I bet you can DIY this costume pretty easily. It’s the jacket that makes the costume work.

I haven’t found plus size versions of Gamora, Wasp or Nebula. I’ll keep looking. (Gamora may be an easy DIY.)

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