Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume and DC

Just because the Wonder Woman movie came out in 2017, don’t think that its popularity has waned. A plus size Wonder Woman costume is still in high-demand. Remember Wonder Woman 1984 is coming in 2020!

You can also check out plus size Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Supergirl and other DC superheroes and villains.

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Plus Size DC Costumes

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Plus Size Wonder Woman

Woman wearing the Wonder Woman costume from the Justice League movie

Plus Size Wonder Woman Justice League Costume

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume (Justice League) – This detailed plus size Wonder Woman costume looks amazing. First of all, it actually looks like it would fit! Second of all, it includes the armor. I will admit, if you go to the website and zoom in, it looks a little flimsy. But it will sure wow the crowd at the Halloween party. (I can’t tell if the boots are included. I think they are boot tops and are included, but double-check.)

Woman wearing a bright red, white and blue costume for Wonder Woman

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume (Classic) – Although the logo on this plus size Wonder Woman costume on Amazon is the new one, the colors and the red and white boots are from the classic look of Wonder Woman, complete with the tiara that looks like a crown. Fits size 16 to 22.

Plus Size Harley Quinn

1. Daddys Lil Monster Tshirt
Daddy's Lil' Monster T-shirt
2. Harley Quinn Shorts
Harley Quinn Shorts
3. Harley Quinn Wig
Harley Quinn Wig
4. Harley Quinn Bat
Harley Quinn Bat

Plus Size Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) – It’s been a few years since the Suicide Squad movie, so finding a plus size all-in-one costume was impossible. However! All of these put together make a really cute plus size Harley Quinn costume. Daddy’s Lil’ Monster t-shirt goes up to XXXL. Harley Quinn shorts go up to size 3X. You can also get the Harley Quinn wig and add the inflatable bat..

Plus Size Harley Quinn Red Black Costume

Plus Size Harley Quinn (Red/Black) – You can also wear the classic Harley Quinn costume in red and black. This lil’ number is a bit sexier than your standard jester suit. Fits size 16 to 22. Add a red and black mallet to complete the look.

Plus Size Catwoman

Plus Size Catwoman Costume

Plus Size Catwoman (Matte) – This plus size Catwoman costume from Leg Avenue is super sexy! The sheer panel under the bustline makes it extra naughty. Comes with cat suit, utility belt and cat ear headband. Goes up to 4X.

Plus Size Catwoman Costume Shiny

Plus Size Catwoman (Shiny) – If you want a little more Michelle Pfeiffer than Anne Hathaway, this plus size Catwoman costume is much shinier than the one above. Includes PU leather bodysuit and mask. Sizes up to XXXL.

Plus Size Batgirl

Plus Size Batgirl

Plus Size Batgirl (Tactical) – This is the best Bat-female costume I’ve seen anywhere. (If the inside of the cape were red, it would work for Batwoman, but alas…) Comes with everything you see, minus the boots. Size is approximately a 2X.

Plus Size Batgirl Shiny

Plus Size Batgirl (Shiny) – Here’s another version of a Batgirl costume that’s more Batman. Comes with cape, glovelets, vinyl eyemask, vinyl belt and boot tops. Fits size 14 to 16.

Woman wearing batman t-shirt and black cape

Plus Size Batgirl Costume

Plus Size Batgirl Costume (Batman) – Okay, okay. This is actually a Batman logo t-shirt from Torrid, but I refuse to say it’s a Batman costume! With the added cape, leggings and boots (and kickin’ hoop earrings) this woman makes a gorgeous plus size Batgirl. You can get the cape from Torrid by clicking here.

Plus Size Supergirl

Plus Size Supergirl Costume

Plus Size Supergirl Costume – This costume has rave reviews on Amazon. Several women who said they wear a size 18 or 20 dress size were amazed with how well it fit. One woman said that she wished the costume had come with red boot covers, so you can order red boot covers here and get blue boot covers on Amazon.

Plus Size Poison Ivy

Plus Size Poison Ivy

Plus Size Poison Ivy Costume – I know the woman in this picture is very thin, but the reviews for this costume are really, really good. More than one plus size woman says they were happy and surprised with the fit. They also said they got lots of compliments! Add a red-haired wig to your costume to finish the effect.

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