Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume and Other Superheroes

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Just because the Wonder Woman movie came out in 2017, don't think that its popularity has waned. A plus size Wonder Woman costume is still in high-demand. I found two different versions for you to compare.

You can also check out plus size costumes for Supergirl, Batgirl (sort of) and the ever-popular Harley Quinn.

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Woman wearing the Wonder Woman costume from the Justice League movie
Plus Size Wonder Woman Justice League Costume

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume (Justice League) – This detailed plus size Wonder Woman costume from the Warner Bros. Shop looks amazing. First of all, it actually looks like it would fit! Second of all, it includes the armor. I will admit, if you go to the website and zoom in, it looks a little flimsy. But it will sure wow the crowd at the Halloween party. (I can't tell if the boots are included. I think they are boot tops and are included, but double-check.)

Woman wearing a bright red, white and blue costume for Wonder Woman
Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume (Classic) – Although the logo on this plus size Wonder Woman costume from Warner Bros. Shop is the new one, the colors and the red and white boots are from the classic look of Wonder Woman, complete with the tiara that looks like a crown. (Lynda Carter, look out!)

Woman wearing batman t-shirt and black cape
Plus Size Batgirl Costume

Plus Size Batgirl Costume (Batman) – Okay, okay. This is actually a Batman logo t-shirt from Torrid, but I refuse to say it's a Batman costume! With the added cape, leggings and boots (and kickin' hoop earrings) this woman makes a gorgeous plus size Batgirl. You can get the cape from Torrid by clicking here.

Woman wearing a red and black Harley Quinn dress
Plus Size Harley Quinn Dress

Plus Size Harley Quinn Dress – Although this plus size Harley Quinn dress from Torrid isn't technically a costume, with the right accessories it would be absolutely perfect. For instance, you could pair it with this Harley Quinn mallet from Amazon and this Harley Quinn jester hat from Amazon. Wear some matching stockings and heeled boots and you're ready to meet your puddin'.

Blonde woman wearing a bright blue and red Supergirl costume
Plus Size Supergirl Costume

Plus Size Supergirl Costume – I don't know how “plus size” this Supergirl costume from Warner Bros. Shop is, but you can visit their website and check the size chart. It's awfully cute and looks like it covers well. It comes with the dress, cape, belt and boot tops.

Which plus size superhero is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

Woman wearing a Hogwarts t-shirt
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