Star Trek Dress for Plus Size Women

Looking for a Star Trek dress for plus size women? Maybe you’re planning a Star Trek cosplay or maybe you’re wearing it for Halloween. Whatever your reason, I put together a blog post with a few different options for a Star Trek dress for plus size women. I also added other accessories and elements you might find useful.

There are options for each division of Starfleet: gold for command; red for operations; and blue for science.

After using this blog post, you’ll be all set for your next Trekkie convention!

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Plus Size Star Trek Dress

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Star Trek Dress Uniform

#1 Star Trek Swing Dress – This dress from Lauren Christians on Etsy is handmade to fit your measurements. The swing style is so attractive! And you know it will be comfortable because it was made for you. Choose from Starfleet’s colors of blue, red and gold.

#2 Into Darkness Dress – I love the style of the uniforms from Into Darkness. This dress on Amazon includes the badge and goes up to XXXL.

#3 Classic Star Trek Dress – This style is reminiscent of the very first series. Picture Lieutenant Commander Uhura. Goes up to XXXL.

#4 CowCow Fleet Dress – This dress is very basic, but well-made and on demand because it’s from CowCow. (See my interview with designer Olivia Hathaway about the high quality of CowCow clothes.) The best part? It goes up to 5XL. You can add your own insignia to make it look official. (Scroll down for insignia ideas.) You can also order a red dress or order a blue dress.

#5 Into Darkness Shirt – You can also wear a shirt and pants as your Star Trek uniform. This Into Darkness shirt goes up to XXXL. You can also order a blue shirt or order a red shirt.

#6 Black Pants – These pants from Torrid have a bit of flare at the hem that replicates those pants that gather at the ankle and pooch out. However, these are more attractive. Torrid has a ton of black pants, however, so you can always choose something else.

#7 Boots – I chose to include mid-calf boots I found on Amazon rather than tall boots. I prefer mid-calf because I think they look more attractive on my plus size legs. However, you could go all the way with tall boots for a wide calf, as well.

Star Trek Insignia

#1 The Next Generation Pin – If you make or buy a dress that doesn’t have any insignia, this pin from Finds Cool Treasures on Etsy is easy to add.

#2 United Federation of Planets Patch – Here’s another easy option. You could sew on this Star Trek Beyond United Federation of Planets patch from Mr. Patches on Etsy.

#3 Star Trek Insignia – Finally, patches of all the divisions’ insignias from New Elementz on Etsy. Choose your division and size. Plus, you can choose from two different finished, depending on if you want to sew on the patch or iron on the patch.

Vulcan Ears

#1 Ear Tips Prosthetics – If you know what you’re doing with latex and spirit gum, these ears would look fantastic for a Vulcan.

#2 Spock Ears – These ears, as you can tell from the photo, are off-the-rack ears from Rubie’s costumes. Looks like they just slip on.

Now, you’re all set to cosplay as a member of Starfleet. Let me know which Star Trek dress for plus size women you decided on in the comments below.

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