Sabrina Spellman Outfits for Plus Size Women

Pulling off a plus size Sabrina casual cosplay is easier than you think. Sabrina Spellman outfits have become iconic. And whether you want to cosplay as Sabrina Spellman, the Weird Sisters or Miss Wardwell, you can find everything you need online.

I absolutely love Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I didn’t think I would, because I am a big wimp when it comes to watching horror. And it took me until 2019 to watch it. But once I did, I was hooked! It has all the soapy quality of a good CW TV show (and it should, because the character is an Archie spin-off), but all the grown-up horror and storytelling of a Netflix show.

Let’s break down a bunch of looks for Sabrina and her cohorts. I have links to everything so you can put your cosplays together. (Most of these are affiliate links, which means if you buy something, I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

You may also be able to find a lot of used pieces on Poshmark. And here’s where I give credit to my good friend, Reenie Panzini. She put together a bunch of Sabrina Spellman outfits one day, using only items she found on Poshmark. You can follow Reenie Panzini’s closet because she has excellent taste!

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Sabrina Casual Cosplay

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you buy something using these links, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Here are Sabrina Spellman outfits, Weird Sisters dresses and even a casual cosplay for Miss Wardwell.

Sabrina the Student

Sabrina Spellman the Student

Sabrina Spellman outfits usually featured red. This plus size Sabrina casual cosplay is her look as a student at Baxter High, where she’s friends with Rosalind and Theo (née Susie), where her ex-boyfriend still matriculates, and where her frenemy Miss Wardwell is a teacher.

#1 Red Sweater – Red and black are the signature colors of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, for obvious reasons. Sabrina frequently wears red. This plus-size sweater buttons up the front.

#2 Black Skirt – Although Sabrina’s skirts are shorter than knee-length, I chose a black knee-length skirt for this plus size casual cosplay because, as a plus size woman, I appreciate a little more length.

#3 Red Tights – A cute schoolgirl look isn’t finished unless you’re wearing matching colored tights. Have you tried Snag Tights? Holy pentagon, they’re comfortable as all get out. Check out their red Shepherds’ Delight Snag Tights.

#4 Toggle Coat – I couldn’t find a coat that matches Sabrina’s exactly that was still plus size, wasn’t crap and wasn’t crazy expensive. This toggle coat from Torrid was as close as I could come.

#5 Boots – These tall, brown boots are made for wide calves, so they’ll fit and look super cute. I chose brown to match the coat, but you could also wear black.

#6 Head Band – Sabrina almost always wears a head band to hold back her blonde hair.

#7 Pentagon Earrings – I found these pentagon stud earrings from Heather Made Monograms on Etsy. Don’t they seem like something Sabrina would wear as a subtle nod to her witch heritage?

Sabrina and the Weird Sisters

Sabrina and the Weird Sisters

When Sabrina goes full witch, she tends to hang with the Weird Sisters — Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas. The quartet make a fierce group sashaying through the Academy of Unseen Arts. And when that happens, of course she dresses like them. Here, the usual Sabrina Spellman outfits were switched up to match the wicked Weird Sisters.

#1 The Dress – This is a basic Peter Pan collar dress. If you want to go all out, you can order a full Weird Sisters cosplay costume from one of the talented creators on Etsy. Although they’re expensive, they will last and I’m sure the fit will be fantastic. The basic plus size dress in this lookbook can come in just about any color, so you could order one for every Weird Sister and Sabrina.

#2 Lace Collar – The dress I have pictured has a simple cotton collar. You can tuck it in or even remove it, then add this lace collar, which is iconic for the Weird Sisters.

#3 Lace Cuffs – Same thing with the cuffs as the collar. The dress doesn’t come with any cuffs, but these lace cuffs are very easy to add. You simply wear them under the sleeves.

#4 Brogues – I wasn’t sure what to call these shoes. Vintage, brogues, Mary Janes, wedges. Whatever they are, they’re sexy and sophisticated.

#5 Black Tights – Again, I highly recommend ordering Snag Tights to complete your plus size casual cosplay of the Weird Sisters.

Miss Wardwell

Miss Wardwell

Oh, Miss Wardwell. Sometimes mentor, sometimes spy, sometimes demon bride. She’s the deliciously powerful woman on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina whom we love to hate. Michelle Gomez, who plays Miss Wardwell, is just a delight to watch. And those clothes. Her wardrobe is powerful, iconic and retro. Miss Wardwell is always dressed to kill. Literally and figuratively.

I had trouble finding anything that looks exactly like one of the dresses she’s worn. But I found several retro-style dresses that are plus size but also look like something out of her closet.

Note: Any dark, jewel-tone colored dress that has fitted lines or a retro vibe would work. Even a skirt suit would work if it’s sexy enough. Check Poshmark or local consignment stores too.

#1 Green Retro Dress – This emerald-colored retro dress has a sexy off-the-shoulder look.

#2 Blue Pleated Dress – This vintage dress has pleating at the neckline.

#3 Blue Flounce Sleeve Dress – I love the flirty sleeves of this sapphire-colored dress.

#4 Blue Sheath Dress – This blue dress also appealed to me. I think I have a think for shawl collars and off-the-shoulder.

#5 Black Pumps – Now, Miss Wardwell wears stilettos. Feel free to do so for your Miss Wardwell cosplay. However, as a plus size woman, you might want something that’s not so teetering. This shorter-heeled pumps still have that spiked heel, but are lower, so less wobbly. You could also go for a wider heel if it makes you feel more secure.

#6 Sheer Black Hose – I’m switching things up and linking to Just My Size pantyhose this time, in case you want a traditional brand. (I still recommend Snag Tights. They also have sheer tights that never snag and are crazy comfortable.)

#7 Wig – You may have long, dark hair that you can style into Miss Wardwell’s blow-out. If not, this wig I found on Etsy comes pretty close. You can also find a whole variety of cheaper wigs if you search Amazon.

#8 Red Lipstick – You must wear red lipstick if you cosplay as Miss Wardwell. Choose your favorite color, but it should definitely be more orange than pink, and bold as hell. This particular shade was recommended by Harper’s Bazaar as the shade you can find at drugstores. It’s Maybelline New York Red Revival.

Where It All Began

Here’s one of the stylish Sabrina Spellman outfits Reenie Panzini put together for me. She found all of these items on Poshmark!

Sabrina Spellman Outfits

Of these Sabrina Spellman outfits, which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments! Then be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get more ideas for casual cosplay and plus size nerd clothes.

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  1. Kathe Jones
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    Oh, I would love to dress up as Miss Wardwell! I love her wig, her stockings, her dresses, her makeup, and her heels! It would be so much fun to portray that “deliciously powerful woman”

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      I totally agree. I mean, I love Sabrina and her friends, but Miss Wardwell is the most electric character.

      • Kathe Jones
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        Honey, thanks so much for getting back to me. I don’t know about you, but I think that it is great fun to dress up as a “bad girl” from time to time…

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