Plus Size Riverdale Costumes

These plus size Riverdale costumes represent the gorgeous and iconic styles of each of the main female characters. From Veronica’s dark preppy look, to Betty’s pastel preppy look, to Cheryl’s red bombshell look, to Toni’s sexy grunge look, to Josie’s vintage glam look, each of these plus size Riverdale costumes is easy to put together. You can either raid your own clothes, go thrift shopping or use these links to get the exact items I chose.

Don’t forget, you can also search Poshmark for used or consignment plus size clothing to make up these plus size Riverdale costumes.

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Plus Size Riverdale Costumes

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Veronica Lodge Outfit

Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge has the best wardrobe on Riverdale. Her signature dark, preppy look is flawless. Frequently her outfits are sleeveless tops with short skirts. For this outfit, I went for a general dark, preppy look for this plus size Riverdale costume.

#1 Black Sweater – This plus size, crew neck, black sweater is slightly baggier than I would prefer it to be for Veronica’s look. To make it fit a little tighter, you could order one size down. Or, you could also wear a button-up cardigan.

#2 Embroidered Collar – I couldn’t find a plus size, black sweater that matched Veronica’s look exactly. But adding this faux collar to any crewneck sweater will give it that preppy look that Veronica usually wears.

#3 Houndstooth Skirt – Veronica’s skirts and dresses are usually fitted or schoolgirl. Personally, I don’t think pleats are flattering for plus size, so I found a more fitted plus size skirt in preppy houndstooth.

#4 Heels – Really, any black pumps or black heels or even black ballet flats would work for a Veronica Lodge outfit. These are particularly cute with an ankle strap.

#5 Handbag – Veronica is rarely without a designer handbag. Rather than choose something plain, however, I wanted to give Riverdale a more obvious nod, so I chose this Southside Serpent mini-backpack.

Bonus: Veronica Lodge Makeup Tutorial on YouTube from Adelaine Morin

Betty Cooper Outfit

Betty Cooper on Riverdale

Betty Cooper started out on Riverdale as the goodie-two-shoes of the cast. We soon realized she’s cotton candy on the outside, but dark like molasses on the inside. Still, most of her outfits are full of pastels, soft or nubby textures, and casual skirts or jeans.

#1 Pink Cardigan – Betty’s go-to color in a soft sweater. She matches Pop’s!

#2 Blue Oxford Shirt – Betty frequently wears a sweater with a collar or a collared shirt under a sweater, like this soft, blue Oxford-style button-down.

#3 Jeggings – Betty’s jeans serve two purposes. First, they make her butt look great. Second, they’re durable, which helps when she’s digging for dirt on the locals, metaphorically and literally. I love Torrid jeans and jeggings because they fit well and they’re super comfy.

#4 Keds – Again, Betty is a busy gal, so sneakers are her go-to shoes. I chose these Keds because they’re adorable with actual comic book Betty and Veronica on them. And they match the cardigan.

#5 Backpack – As a high school student, Betty has to have something to cart around her books, phone, flashlight and other sleuthing gear. This backpack is a double winner because a) as a fan you can show off your Riverdale love and b) as Betty, it pays tribute to the two men in her life. (Not including the Hood, of course. Ew.)

Bonus: Betty Cooper Makeup Tutorial from Brittany Marie

Cheryl Blossom Outfit

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom’s signature color (as she reminds everyone, all the time) is red. Bright red. You could wear any combination of bright red and black and pretty much make it look like a Cheryl Blossom outfit. Make sure your skirt or shorts are short, because that’s also signature Cheryl.

#1 Red Turtleneck – Although this particular top is a bodysuit, you could wear any tight-fitting red top. Cheryl frequently wears turtlenecks to better frame her glorious bosom.

#2 Black Skater Skirt – Like I mentioned above, Cheryl’s skirts, dresses and shorts are always short. A skater skirt will be flattering on plus size women.

#3 Red Tights – I always recommend Snag Tights. They happen to have a very bright red called “Shepherds’ Delight.”

#4 Black Boots – These go-go style boots are perfect for Cheryl Blossom. You could also wear high heels or booties, just stick to black or red.

#5 Spider Brooch – Galactrick on Etsy sells this Cheryl Blossom-inspired brooch.  Why a spider? Fans speculate that the spider represents her feminine power or her cunning. She does know how to spin an intricate web of innuendo and threats, doesn’t she?

#6 Southside Serpents Backpack – Thanks to Toni (Tee-Tee), Cheryl is now a Southside Serpent. As a nod to both her allegiance and her signature color, Hot Topic came out with this awesome bag.

Bonus: Cheryl Blossom Makeup Tutorial by atleeeey

Toni Topaz Outfit

Toni Topaz

Toni Topaz was introduced as the head female of the Southside Serpents. She has become an important member of the Riverdale High gang and Cheryl’s girlfriend. She also started her own girl gang, the Pretty Poisons. Her style is a lil’ bit biker gang and a lil’ bit Riverdale Vixen.

#1 Pretty Poisons Jacket – Toni’s Pretty Poisons have helped back up a lot of their friends recently. I love that Hot Topic was on top of this new story development with a new jacket.

#2 Black Tank Top – This tank top is a little stretchy and snug, so it’s perfect for layering.

#3 Purple Flannel – Nothing says grunge like a pretty flannel tied low around your hips.

#4 Ripped Black Jeans – And nothing says biker gang (or ’90s or Southside Serpents or Pretty Poisons or… you get the picture) like ripped jeans. Especially in black.

#5 Pink Hair Extensions – Who woudl Toni be without her “beauty school dropout” colored extensions? This pink ones are the perfect shade.

#6 Serpent Pendant – Hand-forged by Trollhill Forge on Etsy.

#7 Serpent Ring – From Darkly Cute Creations on Etsy.

#8 Purple Combat Boots – Those spikes were made for kicking. Sneaky zipper pocket for holding valuables.

Bonus: Toni Topaz hair and makeup tutorial by Jackie Wyers

Josie McCoy Outfit

Josie McCoy

Josie may have moved away from Riverdale (and onto Katy Keene), but she’s still the Pussycat in our hearts. Her style was always sharp, always trendy. For this blog post, however, I put together an outfit that pays homage to Josie and the Pussycats.

#1 Black Velvet Top – Josie’s tops were frequently furry or fuzzy. This velvet top is a less troublesome fabric, while still having a great texture.

#2 Animal Print Skirt – This pencil skirt in a leopard print is perfect for a youthful Josie outfit.

#3 Animal Print Jacket – Any animal print jacket will do, like this bomber style.

#4 Black Ankle Boots –  Ankle boots really go with the ’60s vibe of Josie and the Pussycats.

#5 Cat Ears Headband – And, of course, the cat-ears headband. Your look wouldn’t be complete without it, and Hot Topic has the official version.

Bonus: Josie McCoy makeup tutorial from Liv

Which one of these plus size Riverdale costumes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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