Plus Size Claire Fraser Casual Cosplay

If you’re an Outlander fan, you should consider a plus size Claire Fraser casual cosplay. Why casual cosplay? It’s easier to put together, so it’s not as intimidating. And you can probably find most of what you need in your own closet.

Casual cosplay, or everyday cosplay, means that your outfit is inspired by the character’s. But it’s not a full-on cosplay. A full-on cosplay tries to be completely accurate, creating an almost identical costume. There are dozens of authentic Claire Fraser costumes and 18th Century costumes — with bodices and full skirts and the whole haggis, so to speak — on Etsy. Just make sure the seller has one in your size or can make one in your size.

I found most of the clothing pieces for this plus size Claire Fraser casual cosplay on Amazon. You may also be able to find a lot of used pieces on Poshmark or your local thrift stores.

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Claire Fraser Cosplay

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Claire in Scotland

Claire Fraser Season 1

Claire Fraser has had more than one memorable look since the premier of Outlander. The first plus size Claire Fraser casual cosplay is her costume from the first season, when she and Jamie were living in Scotland, namely at Castle Leoch.

#1 Chemise – A chemise is the base for any renaissance, medieval or colonial cosplay. However, because this is Claire Fraser casual cosplay, you could just wear a peasant blouse.

#2 Vest (Bodice) – Casual cosplay is all about being easy. Instead of wearing a bodice or a corset, you could wear a fitted vest. Just try to stick to earth tones. This particular vest has a low neckline to allow for a better look at your plus size bosom.

#3 Skirt – There are countless skirts on Amazon described as Scottish or tartan. I chose this one because it has so many variations and sizes. Feel free to browse to find one you like or visit your local thrift shops.

#4 Cowl (Scarf) – You can’t do a Claire Fraser casual cosplay without a few iconic knit pieces, including this cowl. Although this is one of Claire’s signature pieces, you may find it too warm to wear at an inside convention. A lightweight cowl might be more comfortable on those occasions.

#5 Arm Warmers – This is the second iconic piece for your Claire Fraser casual cosplay. Arm warmers come in handy when it’s cold, no matter what your wearing.

#6 Boots – Any black or brown boots will work. I chose these because of the lacing and the heel. If you don’t have boots or have short boots and want long ones, you could wear knit leg warmers instead.

I also recommend wearing tights under your skirt, either black or brown. I find Snag Tights to be unbelievably comfortable.

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Claire in 1940s England

Claire Fraser Casual Cosplay

Pulling off Claire’s ensemble when she falls through time isn’t difficult, but it is classy AF.

#1 Dress – It’s difficult to find a plus-size, cream-colored dress that exactly matches this one. The one I have here, from Amazon, is an attractive alternative, with the same 3/4 sleeves. If you look for one on your own, try to get that teardrop neckline that’s especially sexy. You can also have one made-to-order on Etsy.

#2 Belt – Claire accentuated her waist with a skinny belt. You might already have on in your closet.

#3 Shoes – These are my favorite style of shoes. Claire’s pumps are a lil’ bit Mary Jane and a lil’ bit ankle boot. They’re vintage and stunning.

Claire in the Colonies

Claire Fraser Season 4

Claire’s ensemble for Fraser’s Ridge is very similar to what she wore in Scotland. However, her outfit needs to be more rugged, durable, and allow for hiking and farm work, hence the hitched up skirts. Use pieces from the Scotland plus size Claire Fraser casual cosplay with Claire’s colonial look.

#1 Skirt(s) – Claire’s skirts in Season 4 could almost be linen tablecloths that she wraps up in like a long kilt. Use any heavyweight or lightweight skirts as you see fit. Try layering them for a fuller look.

#2 Shawl – You can buy a replica of Claire Fraser’s Carolina shawl from many of the makers on Etsy. No doubt it will be gorgeous, but it will cost you more than the one I have pictured here. (Frankly, if you spent a little more on the shawl and got the rest cheap, you would blow everyone away because it’s the shawl that makes the cosplay really work.)

#3 Belt – Claire belts everything together with this wide men’s leather belt. You could also add a pouch like she did here, but that’s more true cosplay than casual cosplay.

Claire Fraser Wedding Dress

Claire Fraser Wedding Dress

The beautiful Claire Fraser wedding dress, designed by Terry Dresbach, is unforgettable. This gorgeous gown was the perfect pin in a perfect moment from Claire’s and Jamie’s life. It has gone on to become one of the most popular Claire Fraser cosplays. There’s really no way to do this look as casual cosplay. But you can find many replicas of the Claire Fraser wedding dress on Etsy. Make sure the maker uses your measurements.

Claire Fraser Red Dress

Claire Fraser Red Dress

Like Claire’s wedding dress, the infamous red dress from the King’s party in Paris isn’t easy to do as casual cosplay. You could always look for a killer red dress on DressLily or Torrid, just to get the same wow effect. But Etsy is the place to shop if you’re looking for a Claire Fraser red dress replica. Again, just make sure the maker uses your measurements.

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