Arya Stark Casual Cosplay for Game of Thrones Fans

Arya Stark emerged as one of the most amazing characters on Game of Thrones. I put together these ideas for a plus size Arya Stark cosplay to wear to a comic con, a viewing party or for Halloween. These pieces are specifically for plus size women. That means it’s comfortable to wear and cut to be flattering.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark’s entire look requires a few layers. She’s also bedraggled, so feel free to use make-up to dirty your face a bit. And use product to make your hair a bit stiff and oily. (Or, just don’t wash it for a couple of days.)

Let’s break down the entire plus size Arya Stark cosplay outfit.

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Plus Size Arya Stark Cosplay

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Arya Stark became terribly popular the moment she ran away from King’s Landing. She was different than the other girls, something she had known since she was born. She weathered many storms, like her time as a captive, her time on Braavos with The Man With No Face, and her lengthy travels with the Hound.

This costume is a version of her travel clothing, not that awesome cloak she wears in Season 8.

Arya Stark Cloak

Let’s build this costume from the inside out.

Plus Size Arya Stark Cosplay

Plus Size Linen Tunic – This comfy tunic from Blue Blue Us on Etsy is the base layer of Arya’s look. She has several layers going on. I recommend getting the beige or white linen tunic. It measures 50″ around the bust. I wear an XL or XXL and measure 42″ around my chest.

Plus Size Sweater – This part requires some imagination or good crafting skills. Arya’s jacket (seen in the top photo) looks like its strips of leather that are tied together with leather laces. You could find a chunky knit sweater, like this one on Amazon, and cut it up a bit. (Thrift stores are great places to find pieces for grubby costumes.) Cut the sleeves a bit shorter and cut the whole sweater to be shorter. You could also cut the sleeves from the shoulder to the elbow, then use leather laces to tie them up again.

Leather Laces – Use these laces to tie the sweater pieces to look like Arya’s jacket. If this is too much to do, I’m sure you could just cut the sweater shorter and be ready to go.

Plus Size Brown Leggings – Just about any earth-toned pants would work with this costume. Pictured here are brown leggings from Torrid. The pants in the photo of Arya Stark at the top of this blog post look like linen. You could also wear plus size khakis or plus size khaki capris.

Plus Size Brown Belt – This brown belt from Torrid is faux leather. It’s also reversible. One side is brown (pictured) and the other side is black. Comes in six sizes.

Brown Combat Boots – You could wear a variety of shoes with this costume. I chose brown combat boots I found on Amazon because they looks sturdy and would be somewhat useful in muck and snow. You could also wear booties, a.k.a. short boots.

Needle, Arya Stark’s Sword – This replica of Needle from Entertainment Earth isn’t as deadly as it looks. It’s made of foam. It measures 30.5″ long, so it will be impressive, regardless of its benign threat.

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