Cool plus size cosplay ideas from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and other fandoms.

Snow White and Evil Queen Makeup in One Palette

Achieving a Snow White makeup look is easier than you think, when you use Colourpops Disney Villains Misunderstood makeup collection. In the first video, Reenie Panzini (my BFF) will give me Snow White makeup. She…

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Plus Size Riverdale Costumes

These plus size Riverdale costumes represent the gorgeous and iconic styles of each of the main female characters. From Veronica’s dark preppy look, to Betty’s pastel preppy look, to Cheryl’s red bombshell look, to Toni’s sexy…

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Plus Size Claire Fraser Casual Cosplay

If you’re an Outlander fan, you should consider a plus size Claire Fraser casual cosplay. Why casual cosplay? It’s easier to put together, so it’s not as intimidating. And you can probably find most of…

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Star Trek Dress for Plus Size Women

Looking for a Star Trek dress for plus size women? Maybe you’re planning a Star Trek cosplay or maybe you’re wearing it for Halloween. Whatever your reason, I put together a blog post with a…

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Sabrina Spellman Outfits for Plus Size Women

Pulling off a plus size Sabrina casual cosplay is easier than you think. Sabrina Spellman outfits have become iconic. And whether you want to cosplay as Sabrina Spellman, the Weird Sisters or Miss Wardwell, you…

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Video Tutorial: How to Dress for a Renaissance Faire

Today, we are going to find out how to dress for a renaissance faire. We recently had a discussion in our private Plus Size Nerds Facebook group about renaissance faire advice and I turned that…

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Advice for Plus Size Women Going to Renaissance Faire

Looking for renaissance faire advice? Need tips on what to wear to a medieval or renaissance faire if you’re a plus size woman? Recently, that very question came up in the Plus Size Nerds Facebook…

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