Video Game Shirts for Plus Size Women

Looking for video game shirts for plus size women? Being a girl gamer can be rough. It can be even tougher to find attractive shirts that rep’ your favorite game. I’ve got a bunch of great video game shirts for plus size women for you to check out. Just say, “Ready , Player One.” [wink]

We’re all gamers in my family. My husband is into first-person shooters or role-playing. My son likes getting on Minecraft or Roblox with his friends. My daughter was into Overwatch, but now she can’t get enough of Dead by Daylight. Me? I’m almost strictly a Lego fan, especially the Marvel games. Something about those studs…

No matter what your favorite game is, you can find something to wear from TeeTurtle or ThinkGeek.

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Plus Size Video Game Shirts

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There was a time when I was the only girl I knew who liked to play video games. Of course, I’m old, so that was a long time ago. Now almost as many women play video games as men. In fact, my daughter has become a thoroughbred gamer girl, even earning gold status in Overwatch. (Trust me. That’s a big deal.)

Because she and I both love video games (I’m more of an Xbox girl and she’s more about PC gaming) I’m always on the lookout for cute video game shirts that are flattering. Thankfully, we don’t have to buy men’s video game shirts anymore. (I can’t stand that box shape!) We can get stretchy or fitted tees with all kinds of cute video game graphics and sayings.

Don’t let the pictures fool you. These ladies may not be plus size, but the video game t-shirts I’ve curated here are offered in plus sizes.

MeiPlus Size Overwatch T-shirt Mei

Mei Overwatch T-shirt – This It’s Gonna Be Mei Overwatch t-shirt goes up to 3XL.

Play to Win

Plus Size Overwatch Play to Win T-shirt

Play to Win – This plus size Overwatch t-shirt for women goes up to 2X.

Overwatch Hoodie

Plus Size Overwatch Purple Hoodie

Overwatch Hoodie – This super cute, plus size Overwatch Widowmaker hoodie goes clear up to 3X. Yay!


TeeTurtle Triathlete

Triathlete – Way back when I was young and single, this video game shirt would have served me well. This was pretty much me on the weekends. Now it’s my kids! This Triathlete is the only kind I’ll ever be.

Pew Pew Fox

TeeTurtle Button Masher

Pew Pew Fox – This cute little button masher reminds me of Paboo on Avatar: The Legend of Korra. He’s a happy little guy. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s playing video games!

Pew Pew Kitty

TeeTurtle Pew Pew Kitty

Pew Pew Kitty – Now we’ve got a kitten looking oh so serious. Do you think she’s playing Pew Pew Bunny? Going head to head!

One More Level

TeeTurtle Just One More Level

One More Level – I know you know this feeling. When the next level — or next achievement or skin or weapon or whatever — is so close that you just can’t go to bed. Ugh, been there too many times!



D.Va Hoodie – This is so cute! I love the varsity jacket style. And it has pockets, which I always need. (I’m not much for carrying a purse.)

Space Invaders

ThinkGeek Space Invaders

Space Invaders – Here’s an old school video game shirt. I’m so old I remember playing Space Invaders when it first came out in the arcade.

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Shirt

Pokémon Go – This Pokémon Popplio t-shirt is rep’ing one of the cutest creatures from Pokémon Go. It has a fun paint splatter pattern.

I hope I gave you some ideas for video game shirts for plus size women. We’re an elite group! If you wear a video game shirt, take a pic and share it with #plussizenerd so I can repost!


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