Wardrobe Essentials: The Ultimate Guide for Plus Size Women

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Recently, I came across a Stitch Fix list of wardrobe essentials. These are pieces that every woman should have in her drawers or her closet. By mixing and matching these plus size wardrobe essentials, you'll be ready for anything — Sunday brunch, Saturday night out, mid-week business meeting.

Looking at the blog post, I realized that a list of plus size wardrobe essentials would be the same, no matter what size you wear. However, I wanted to give the list a bit of a nerd twist.

I put together a list of 12 plus size wardrobe essentials that every nerd should own. These tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes will go anywhere for any occasion. The best part is that you will look absolutely smashing in all of it because most of it's from Torrid, and they really know how to design clothes for plus size women.

I filled in some of the other plus size wardrobe essentials from other online stores. All of these pieces should fit well and make you feel fantastic when you wear them.

Collage of photos of women wearing plus size clothing 12 Plus Size Wardrobe Essentials

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Button-Up Shirt

Woman wearing teal short-sleeved button-up shirt with Harry Potter symbols Plus Size Harry Potter Button-Up Shirt

Plus Size Harry Potter Harper Georgette Pullover Blouse – I didn't want to choose just any ol' button-up shirt. This plus size Harry Potter shirt from Torrid is not only flattering, but also downright adorable. The V-neck and bias-cut fabric give the blouse a flowing line. The Harry Potter symbols include flying keys, feathers, wands and various spells, like Wingardium Leviosa. I love the dark color, too, because it could pass for a business shirt.

Little Black Dress

Woman wearing black dress with purple design from Disney villains Plus Size Disney Dress

Disney Villains Thorn Border Print Dress – Now THIS is a LBD! There are gazillions of plain black dresses out there to wear. Why be plain when you can be wicked. This design from Torrid is inspired by Disney villains. I love the barely-there contrast between the deep black and the dark purple. The wrap design and swishy skirt are super flattering.


Black high-heeled shoe Black Pumps

Black Faux Suede Pump (Wide Width) – You can't really geek-out pumps (well, you can if you're on Etsy), but these shoes from Torrid will do. I don't like spiky heels because they don't have enough support and tend to get wobbly. I like the simple line of these black pumps, and the heel is just tall enough to be sexy, but wide enough to be stable.

Jean Jacket

Denim jacket with stars all over it Plus Size Jean Jacket from Recycled Seams

Denim Hooded Art Jacket – I checked Torrid and ThinkGeek for a cool jean jacket but came up short. However, this unique jean jacket from Recycled Seams on Etsy is really stunning. The design is done neutral tones, so it would go with anything.

Simple Flats

Black Flat Shoes Black Flats

Faux Suede Almond Toe Flats (Wide Width) – Again, there are plenty of interesting flats on Etsy, but these flats from Torrid are about as basic as you can get. That means they'll go with anything. They're also wide, so they shouldn't squish your toes.

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Woman wearing dark wash tight jeans Plus Size Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Curvy Skinny Jean (Dark Wash) – I am so hooked on Torrid jeans! They're all just a bit stretchy, so they're very comfortable. And so stylish! I look good in just about all the styles but these plus size dark wash skinny jeans are suitable for a business casual day.

Crisp White T-shirt

Woman wearing white t-shirt with Stitch character design Plus Size White T-shirt of Stitch

Island Stitch – The Stitch Fix blog post calls for a crisp, white t-shirt. Well, ho hum. How about this darling Disney t-shirt from TeeTurtle? It's still white, but a little more fun. It would still pair well with a blazer or a jacket.

Knit Sweater

Woman wearing loose-fitting white sweater Plus Size White Pullover Outlander Sweater

Outlander Ivory Lace Pullover – I almost chose a Captain America navy blue sweater for this essential (you know how I love Cap'.) But Torrid also had this lovely, feminine ivory sweater that's inspired by Outlander. The only way you would know that is by the tiny dragonfly detail. The lace is inset, for an extra womanly touch.

Ankle Boots

Taupe short boot with heel Plus Size Taupe Ankle Boots

Natural Perforated Stacked Bootie (Wide Width) – It's all about the ankle boot in 2018. These taupe boots from Torrid are a bit different than the usual black. The back panel also has a unique design to give it some interest.

Black Pants

Woman wearing black pants Plus Size Black Pants

Studio Modern Deluxe Stretch Straight Leg Pant – Imma be honest; I almost never wear “pants.” I do have one or two left in my closet that I pull out when I have to. I prefer leggings or yoga pants. (I mean, they don't look that bad, right?) However, these pants from Torrid have a simple line (no pleats!) and a bit of stretch. They would go with just about anything and still look smart.

Knee-Length Skirt

Woman wearing short black skirt with Star Wars ships Plus Size Star Wars Skirt

Star Wars Space Collage Skirt – Is this a fun skirt or what? This plus size Star Wars skirt from ThinkGeek may not be exactly what Stitch Fix was talking about, but I love it. Depending on how long your torso is, you might find it a bit bulky. In that case, check Torrid for a pencil skirt. (They have so, so many gorgeous ones.) I like this for the swish and for the Millennium Falcon.

Wrap Dress

Woman wearing purple and black plaid wrap dress Plus Size Wrap Dress

Purple Plaid Studio Knit Wrap Dress – Let me just tell you: The wrap dress is your best friend. They're so, so flattering. I have about three or four of them. (Skater dresses are super flattering, too.) This plus size wrap dress from Torrid is not only flattering, but also trendy! Thanks to the purple and black paid. So on point right now.

Free download: Download this list in a .PDF with links to each item online.

What do you think? What's your go-to wardrobe essential? Tell us in the comments!

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