Plus Size Torrid Fangirl Try On – Fall 2019

I’ve been dying to try on a ton of plus size Torrid fangirl clothes that are only available online. So, I finally did it! I placed a HUGE order for plus size Torrid fangirl online exclusives. Then, I tried them all on. Wow, was I surprised!

Some of the dresses I thought I would love turned out to look terrible. On the flip side, others I didn’t think much of turned out to be winners! You never know! I ordered everything in Size 2 except for one dress, which was Size 20. Also, when I ordered these dresses and things, they were 30% off.

Check out my plus size Torrid fangirl try on video to see if you would like any of these clothes.

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Plus Size 101 Dalmatians Dress

Plus Size Disney 101 Dalmatians Dress from Torrid

Here’s a dress I didn’t think I would love. But then I put it on! I love the old-fashioned style of it. I just can’t decide if those polka dots are too much or not. $45.43

Plus Size Harry Potter Tank Top

Plus Size Harry Potter Tank Top

This plus size Harry Potter tank top is very cute. I usually don’t wear tank tops. They show off too much skin. But even with that giant slit up the side, I liked this Gryffindor Quidditch tank. $27.23

Harry Potter Active Leggings

Plus Size Harry Potter Leggings

I really love these Harry Potter active wear leggings. They’re thick and they feel good. I also think they’re flattering. But I have a hard time paying this much for leggings when they’re so much cheaper from other places. $42.63

Outlander Coat

Plus Size Outlander Coat

I love this Outlander coat! My husband said, “You can do better,” but I don’t know. I love the clean A-line and the swing in the back. The high lapels are really attractive too. $83.23

Plus Size Jack Skellington Dress

Plus Size Jack Skellington Dress

This plus size Jack Skellington dress looked better than I thought it would! I thought it would look a little crazy but it looked great! This one is definitely a keeper. $41.93

Plus Size (Nightmare Before Christmas) Sally Dress

Plus Size Sally Dress Costume

Now this plus size Nighmare Before Christmas Sally dress really was crazy. I looked like I was just wearing a heap of scraps. Not good at all. $41.93

Wonder Woman Dress

Plus Size Wonder Woman Dress

Yass, queen! This Wonder Woman dress looked as good as I thought it would. I also have the Captain Marvel dress, which is cut exactly the same. It’s nice to have two lightweight, attractive dresses I can just throw on. $48.23

Ursula Dress

Plus Size Ursula Dress

This plus size Ursula dress was a disappointment to me. I think if I were taller, I could have pulled it off. The top looked good but I didn’t like how clingy it was or how long it was. I wanted to love it, but just didn’t. Warning: That gold sea shell is a very sticky decal. I imagine it’s going to peel after a few washings or dry cleanings. $45.43

Maleficent Dress

Plus Size Maleficent Dress

I could go either way with this plus size Maleficent dress. It was a little too big, but still kind of looked good. It’s a heavier fabric, which makes it perfect for cooler Halloween weather. I’m also not sure I like that floppy collar. It doesn’t stand up like it does in the picture. $48.23

Mickey Romper

Mickey Mouse Plus Size Romper

I really liked this plus size Mickey Mouse romper. Although, it comes off more as dressy than casual. That red is so bright! I’m starting to really dig rompers. I have two other rompers from Torrid: Harry Potter and Lilo & Stitch. $45.43

Dr. Who Pants

Plus Size Dr. Who Wide Leg Pants

I tried on this plus size Dr. Who wide leg pants simply out of curiosity. I figured they wouldn’t look good, but I always think, why are these still in style? They must look good on someone, right? I think you have to be taller to pull these off. $41.23

What do you think? Do you agree with my opinions? Do you have a favorite piece? Let me know in the comments!

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