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Look Like Plus Size Wonder Woman at the Beach

Swimsuit season is almost here! Don't be afraid to hit the beach or lounge poolside just because you've got generous curves. These gorgeous and geeky plus size swimsuits and cover ups are flattering and nerdy. Some of them are downright sexy!

P.S. Don't let some of these pictures fool you. The model might not be a plus size, but I only listed swimsuits that have plus sizes available to buy.

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Plus Size Swimsuits

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Plus Size Swimsuit Ursula


Ursula is finally getting her due when it comes to plus size apparel. This beautiful Ursula swimsuit will be flattering with the lavender top and black bottom. Don't miss the matching cover-up!

Plus Size Swimsuit Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel took over the MCU in style. Just seems right that this Captain Marvel plus size swimsuit is just as fly.

Captain Marvel
Plus Size Wonder Woman Cover Up
Plus size Wonder Woman Cover Up from Torrid.

DC Wonder Woman Mesh Kimono Cover-Up – This mesh Wonder Woman cover-up from Torrid is covered in Diana's signature Ws. It dries quickly and looks gorgeous! It pairs perfectly with the Wonder Woman one-piece from Torrid.

Plus Size Wonder Woman Swimsuit
Plus Size Wonder Woman Swimsuit from Torrid

DC's Wonder Woman One-Piece Swimsuit – This one-piece plus size Wonder Woman swimsuit from Torrid would do Lynda Carter proud. The skirted bottom is crazy flattering, as is the molded cups. This swimsuit goes well with the Wonder Woman cover up (above).

Disney's Ariel Plus-Size Sarong
Disney's Ariel Plus Size Sarong from Torrid

Disney Ariel Green Mesh Sarong – Oo la la! This isn't your daughter's Ariel swimsuit, for sure! This sea-green sarong from Torrid ties ever so fetchingly at your hip. It pairs with the Disney Ariel Two-Piece from Torrid.

Disney's Plus Size Ariel Swimsuit
Disney's Plus Size Ariel Swimsuit from Torrid

Disney Ariel Purple Wireless Bikini – This plus size Disney swimsuit from Torrid is sold separately. The purple top has scalloped edges that bring to mind those seashells the Little Mermaid wore. The teal bottoms have a scaly pattern, just like a mermaid. The matching sarong (above) completes the look!

Plus Size Two-Piece Swimsuits


Plus Size Star Trek Swimsuit Two-Piece
Plus Size Star Trek Swimsuit Two-Piece from ThinkGeek

Star Trek TOS Two-Piece Swimsuit – These two-piece plus size Star Trek swimsuits are fashioned after the original series. Personally, I like the two-piece better than the one-piece. It's much more flattering with the skirt and tankini. (Again, ThinkGeek expanded this line to size 4X in some colors after getting feedback from customers.)

Plus-size Circuit Swimuit
Plus-size Circuit Swimuit from ThinkGeek

Circuit Board Two-Piece Swimsuit – This cute plus-size tankini from ThinkGeek is covered in circuit patterns and binary digits. If you're a coder or programmer or engineer, this is the swimsuit for you!

Black Planet Push-Up Tankini
Black Planet Push-Up Tankini from Torrid

Black Planet Push-Up Multiway Peplum Tankini – I would say this black tankini from Torrid is out of this world, but that would be too easy. (Ha!) This amazing plus-size two-piece is covered in constellations. It has side-boning to give you a great form and a peplum that's super flattering around the waist. (Peplums are great because they hide my tummy.)

Plus Size Galaxy Mesh Swimsuit
Plus Size Galaxy Mesh Swimsuit from Torrid

Galaxy Mesh Underwire Bikini Top – Look at these gorgeous colors! Makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy, as a matter of fact. The bikini top is long in the torso for extra slimming and stability. Bottoms are sold separately, so you can get the perfect fit.

Plus Size Constellation Cover Up
Plus Size Constellation Cover Up from Torrid

Navy Gauze Constellation Print Kimono Cover-Up – This gorgeous plus size constellation swimsuit cover up from Torrid is covered in starry patterns. The mesh dries quickly, yet provides lots of feminine coverage. It pairs nicely with the Starry Print Two-Piece (below).

Starry Print Push-Up Two-Piece
Starry Print Push-Up Two-Piece from Torrid

Starry Print Caged Push-Up Balconette Bikini – They'll definitely have stars in their eyes when they see you in this plus size two-piece! I love the sexy straps across the top. The long top and molded cups are very flattering. The bottoms are sold separately, so you can mix and match sizes. This two-piece goes with the cover up in the same pattern (above).

Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuits

Plus Size Star Trek TNG Swimsuit
Plus Size Star Trek TNG Swimsuit from ThinkGeek

Star Trek TNG One-Piece Swimsuit – Captain Picard never looked this good! Choose from Blue (Sciences), Gold (Operations) or Red (Command) for your plus size Star Trek swimsuit. The insignia and the pips are embroidered. (ThinkGeek expanded some of the colors to size 4X after feedback from customers!)

Plus Size Harry Potter Swimsuit
Plus Size Harry Potter Swimsuit from Torrid

Harry Potter Black Skater One-Piece Swimsuit – You'll look magical! This cute skater dress-style swimsuit from Torrid has spells from Harry Potter all over it, like Incendio and Stupefy. I wish they offered this pattern in a tankini, but as a die-hard plus size Harry Potter fan, I'll take what I can get!

Plus Size Star Wars Swimsuit Princess Leia
Plus Size Star Wars Swimsuit Princess Leia from ThinkGeek

Star Wars Leia One-Piece Swimsuit – A plus-size Star Wars swimsuit fit for a rebel. This Princess Leia one-piece from ThinkGeek has all the right symbols, as well as a flattering hip-slung belt. The size goes up to 2X. Beware of a plunging back!

Plus Size Ahsoka Swimsuit
Plus Size Ahsoka Swimsuit from ThinkGeek

Star Wars Ahsoka One-Piece Swimsuit – Ahsoka Tano is one tough Jedi, so she deserves this plus size Star Wars swimsuit! The coloring on the front and back resemble the coloring on her head thingies.

Plus Size Star Trek TNG Ships Swimsuit
Plus Size Star Trek TNG Ships Swimsuit from ThinkGeek

Star Trek TNG Ships One-Piece Swimsuit – Captain Kirk would love to get his hands on this swimsuit… because it's covered in ships! Rocking designs from Star Trek: The Next Generation this one-piece would be flattering because of the crazy pattern and bright colors, which keep the eye moving around. This plus-size swimsuit has a keyhole back, which is nice and sturdy.

Polka Dot Plus Size Bikini

Polka Dot Bikini

Okay, this plus size swimsuit isn't technically nerdy. But it's got such a beach-blanket-bingo-retro-vibe thing going that I couldn't resist including it. I especially like the long halter, which is always flattering. Just watch out for a tight neck.

Polka Dot Bikini

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