Plus Size RoseGal Halloween Try On

It might only be September, but we are getting ready for Halloween! I recently recorded a fun plus size RoseGal Halloween clothes try on. The Halloween plus size clothes from RoseGal always look so good in the ads, but they’re so cheap that I wondered if they were worth the price or not.

Joining me is Reenie Panzini, my style and Poshmark Guru. She lists stuff on Poshmark all the time. If you click her link, go to her Poshmark closet and sign up, you get $10 credit and she gets $10 credit.

Also, there is a special affiliate discount code for RoseGal. Use code HALLOWEEN20 and you will get 20% off selected items [affiliate link].

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Plus Size RoseGal Halloween Dress Leggings and Tunic

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Plus Size Halloween Spider Web Leggings

Plus Size Spider Web Leggings for Halloween

These leggings are 3X and I usually wear a 2X. They’re huge. They feel very silky. They’re made very well, but just too big for me. $20.33

Halloween Lace Insert Plus Size Tunic

Plus Size Halloween Tunic

This shirt was a disaster for me. I ordered 2X, which was fine. The “lace” was too tight, however, no give. So my arm flesh was squishing out. Plus, the bright orange area was smack in the middle of the shirt, highlighting the very area I don’t want to highlight! $22.54

Plus Size Lace Up Dip Hem Hoodie

Plus Size Hi Low Witch or Wizard Hoodie Cloak

I wanted this hoodie because it looks like something a wizard or witch would wear. The fabric isn’t heavy, but it’s woven tight, so it will keep you warm. I love the look and style of this and it fit just right. I kept it. $19.27

Plus Size V Neck Halloween Dress

Plus Size Halloween Dress Haunted House

I picked this plus size Halloween dress because it has a black top and a colorful bottom. I like de-emphasizing my giant boobs. It’s made very well so it will be durable. This plus size Halloween dress is also very comfortable! I ordered 3X, so it’s a little big. A 2X would have been a better idea, but it might not have fit across my chest. It’s a keeper! $25.03

Plus Size Empire Waist Halloween Dress

Plus Size Purple Dress for Halloween

This plus size Halloween dress was another disaster. As more than one person commented, it looks more like lingerie! It’s not made very well, so it’s more like a plus size Halloween costume than a dress. Now, I ordered a 1X because they didn’t have 2X. I don’t think the smaller size was really the problem though. It’s very cheaply made, which makes sense because it was only $7.34

I hope you watched the full plus size RoseGal Halloween try on. Then you can really see how the clothes fit and whether or not you would like them.

If you have a favorite plus size RoseGal Halloween dress, top or leggings, be sure to tell me in the comments!

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