Plus Size Onesie Pajamas for Adults

Check out these plus size onesie pajamas! Or union suits, as they might be called. You might have trouble finding plus size onesie pajamas that look great, feel comfortable (not scratchy) and keep you warm, but not too warm.

I tried on a bunch of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC and Harry Potter onesies to see how they fit. I’m usually a 2 at Torrid and XL or 2XL for other brands. Watch the video to see how they look on me. Or, you can skip past the video and see the full list of plus size onesie pajamas I tried on.

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Plus Size Onesies

Wonder Woman Onesie

Wonder Woman Onesie

This Wonder Woman onesie from Superherostuff is lightweight. It’s made of jersey material rather than fleece. I like wearing it when I want to be sloppy but cute around the house. I don’t get hot and sweaty in it.

Lion King Onesie

Plus Size Lion King Onesie

This Simba plus size onesie has a cute little tail and a hood with ears, but I didn’t like it. The fabric is not soft, very nubby.

Star Wars Blanket w/ Sleeves

Chewbacca Blanket

This Chewbacca long blanket with sleeves isn’t meant to be worn so much as it’s meant to cover you when you settle on the couch for the latest episode of The Mandalorian. It’s fleece and fairly heavy. Although the blanket doesn’t meet at my back (big behind), it doesn’t need to because you’d be sitting down when you wear it.

Christmas Onesie

Christmas Onesie

This Christmas onesie I got from Amazon was so cozy and cute I ended up keeping it. It was just the right amount of baggy and it was very warm and comfy.

Deadpool Onesie

Plus Size Deadpool Onesie

Although this Deadpool onesie showed promise because it had a hood with eyeholes (so you could wear it like a costume), I hated it. First, it didn’t fit; it was too snug. Second, the fabric was thin and cheap. It’s not fleece but some kind of scratchy jersey material. Garbage.

Chewbacca Onesie

Plus Size Star Wars Onesie

I loved this Chewbacca plus size onesie. (You can also order other characters, like Darth Vader.) The fabric was a soft velour, very fleecy and warm. The stitching is excellent and you can tell it will last a long time. Plus, pockets!

Toy Story Onesie

Plus Size Disney Onesie

Ugh, this was another crappy onesie. The fabric in this plus size Disney onesie was unbelievably thin, cheap and scratchy. It’s not even warm. Plus, if you watch the video, you can tell it’s way too tight.

Harry Potter Onesie

Plus Size Harry Potter Onesie

This plus size Harry Potter onesie (mine is Gryffindor) was the first one I ever bought. I bought XXL, because that’s usually my size, but it was way too big. For this one, I could have just bought XL. Other than that, I love it. It’s fleecy and warm and comfy. It looks fantastic and is made very well.

Which one do you like best? Tell me in the comments!

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