Plus Size Swimsuits from Meet.Curve

Plus size swimsuits from Meet.Curve are very attractive and very well-made. Most plus size swimsuits aren’t truly made for plus size women. They’re just swimsuits that have been made bigger all over. True plus size swimsuits are designed, yes, to be bigger, but in the right places. We got curves, y’all!

Meet.Curve sent me three plus size swimsuits to try on for a YouTube video. I was pretty impressed. I even tried on a bikini, just to see what it would look like. (I haven’t worn one in decades.)

Watch the plus size swimsuit try-on video or scroll down for a blog post and links.

Disclosure: These swimsuits were given to me, for free, by Meet.Curve for my honest opinion and video.

Are you looking for some really cute, plus-sized swimsuits? I tried on three different swimsuits from Meet.Curve.  In this video, I try on three different styles, so we can get an idea of what two tankinis and a bikini look like.

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Plus Size Swimsuits from Meet.Curve

Plus Size Floral Tankini

Meet.Curve Floral Tankini

The floral tankini is a little brighter and a little old more “old lady” than I thought it was going to be. I also thought it was really attractive.

All of these swimsuits are 4X, according to Meet.Curve’s size charts. However, a 3X would have fit me much better. (I’m usually a 2X, so Meet.Curve’s sizing runs a tiny bit small.)

The bottoms to all of these plus size bathing suits really covered me well. They sit on top of your hip, rather than at your hip. There’s less of a chance for a muffin top or for it to roll down.

The style of the floral tankini with molded cups is very attractive. I just wasn’t crazy about the floral pattern.

Plus Size Black Tankini

Plus Size Tankini Meet.Curve

Once I figured out the blousy style of the black tankini, I thought it was very attractive.The fabric is high-quality and it has solid stitching. It’s not going tofall apart anytime soon.

I also liked the racer back. This tankini has molded cups inside the top. It would be really flattering for a woman who wants to cover her tummy.

Plus Size Bikini

Plus Size Bikini Meet.Curve

I haven’t worn a bikini since I was about 12 or 13 years-old. I wanted to see what this one would look like.

However, the top to this bikini was a halter that tied at the neck and the back. If you’re a plus size woman with a large bust (like moi) then you need more structure than that. The tie my neck really pulled. It wouldn’t be comfortable for a day at the pool or the beach. And, over time, it would stretch and provide even less support.

This suit needed a traditional bikini top, possibly with underwires, but definitely with cups.

Meet.Curve Sizes

Meet.Curve sizing runs smaller than, say, Lane Bryant or Torrid. But they do go up to 4X. I think a 3X in all of these plus size swimsuits would have looked better on me.

Which one do you think looks the best? Let me know in the comments!

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