Plus Size Captain America Casual Cosplay

There’s a reason I put together this plus size Captain America casual cosplay outfit together for Marvel fans. It’s no secret to my family and friends that Captain America is my favorite Avenger. When I went looking for clothes and accessories, I found too many great things! Instead of just one plus size Captain America plus size outfit, I put together two. One is dressier (MUST HAVE that dress!) and the other is more casual. Take a look! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own Captain America bound style.

Here’s the plus size Captain America shirt I wore to Wizard World Comic-Con in Philadelphia.

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Collage of photos of clothing and purse with Captain America style

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Let’s take a look at the dress-up version of plus size Captain America clothing.

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Plus Size Captain America Dress Up and Down

#1 Captain America Retro Midi Dress – This dress from ThinkGeek is as close as you can get to wearing the costume that the dancers in Cap’s WWII stage show wore. I absolutely love it! The line of the sleeves and crossover top are very flattering for plus sizes (and big boobies!). It has a little bit of Spandex in the weave for a nice fit. If you want to make the premiere of Infinity War a red carpet occasion, this is the dress to wear!

#2 Agent Carter Crossbody Satchel Bag – A dress like that deserves a classy hand bag. This spiffy navy blue hand bag from ThinkGeek is vegan leather (meaning it’s simulated). It measures 8 3/4″ wide x 6 1/2″ tall x 3 1/2″ deep, and the shoulder strap adjusts from 19″ to 22 1/2″. Cute and practical, just like Peggy.

#3 Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings – Instead of making everything about Cap (although, why not?) I thought I’d mix up the stars and stripes with the “A” for Avenger. These stud earrings from SuperHeroStuff are understated but let the world know that you support everyone, not just Team Cap.

If you want to be more casual with your Captain America bound clothes, these plus size pieces are fashionable, flattering and full of fun.

#4 Captain America Shield Collared Tank Top – I absolutely adore this unusual shirt! It’s high-low, so it has a more flattering line. (Meaning, the hem is higher in the front than in the back.) Cap’s iconic shield is used as a repetitive print pattern. And there’s a handy pocket with — what else? — a shield. (As of April 5, 2018, this shirt was on sale for 70% off! That’s a steal!)

#5 Captain America Shield Yoga Pants – I chose an understated top (above) so that these incredible yoga pants could shine! (Plus, having a circular shield on my chest doesn’t look so good. It looks more like a red, white and blue egg. See photo.) These yoga pants get to scream all they want. They’re cotton with a bit of Spandex, so they’re super comfortable and stretchy.

#6 Captain America Kawaii Women’s Low-Cut Socks – These are adorable! If you’re dressing down, you need to have some cutie-pie socks to add to your fun outfit. I love the Kawaii designs, and this Kawaii Cap is no exception.

#7 Captain America Floral Print Fashion Backpack – I know I keep saying I love stuff, but OMG do you see this? Isn’t this the prettiest, most feminine Captain America thing you’ve ever seen? It’s just lovely! It’s a floral print (in red, white and blue, of course) with small shields mixed into the pattern. It measures 16-inch tall x 15 1/2-inch wide x 7-inch. It’s made of canvas and faux leather (vegan-friendly!).

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