Thor Outfit in Plus Size Brings the Thunder

This plus size Thor bound has all the electricity of the God of Thunder himself. This look is more grunge than haute couture because Thor got really real in Thor: Ragnarok. (And ’90s grunge is making a comeback. Who saw that coming?) He’s not wearing mother’s drapes anymore!

Thor has had quite a personal journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And he has a long way to go. But this Thor bound plus size outfit will bring him a little closer to Earth, just for you.

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Collage of Thor themed clothing

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Show everyone at who loves the Avengers just how much you worship Thor, the God of Thunder (not hammers). Rumor has it he could be heading into more space adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor Outfit

#1 Asgard Twill Ladies’ Jacket – This olive green twill jacket from ThinkGeek is the kind of fan clothing I love. It’s stylish and gives a playful wink at Thor. The gold embroidery on the front deems you “worthy.” The gorgeous design on the back makes you yearn for Asgard. This jacket is comfy and light because it’s 100% cotton. (So be careful when you wash and dry. Dry it on low or air-dry it so it doesn’t shrink. And avoid washing it in hot water.)

#2 Super Soft White Tunic – Layer a soft, white tunic from Torrid under your jacket. You don’t want to wear a graphic tee under your jacket.  It will confuse the eye and take too much attention away from the gorgeous embroidery details.

#3 Black Wash Jegging – These black wash jeggings from Torrid keep the look sleek and minimal (and badass!). Again, you don’t want to take away from the details of your jacket. It’s the centerpiece of the outfit.

#4 Marvel Thor Hammer Pendant – This ThinkGeek necklace is an adorable tribute to the mighty Thor.

#5 Thor’s Hammer Wristlet – Have a Mjolnir of your own! Think about how much fun you could have with this wristlet from ThinkGeek. Show everyone you’re worthy when you carry it! (Just be careful no Hela cosplayer destroys it.)

#6 Brash Women’s Thrasher Combat Boot – Since you probs don’t want to wear an eye patch, these combat boots from Amazon will add to your badass look. Out of 21 reviews, they have a 5-star rating, so you know they’re good quality and comfortable.

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