Hogwarts Shield Football Tee

I did my happy happy joy joy dance when I found this Hogwarts Shield Football Tee at Torrid.

Do you remember when plus size nerd clothes were hard to find? Oh, you could find all kinds of men’s clothes with cool graphics and such. But finding something that was geeky and flattering was nearly impossible.

Then Torrid came along. Halle-frickin-lujah! (If this shirt is sold out, you can also search Poshmark to find it used.)

I wore this t-shirt when we visited Universal Studios in Orlando.

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Torrid is my go-to plus size store. Plus size clothing in regular department stores runs the gamut from muu muus to Granny warm-up suits. And they all have a giant floral pattern. Yegads. My go-to used to be Fashion Bug, until they closed. (I still wear their yoga pants. They last, yo.) Then my go-to was Lane Bryant, but I don’t know who they’re making clothes for. I like their active wear, but most of their other clothing is, well, confused. And it doesn’t hold up very well.

I was so OMG when a cutie barista at my fave Starbucks (shout-out to Starbucks 10210!) told me about Torrid. She worked their part-time just for the clothing discount. Girlfriend was a genius, because that store has the BEST plus size clothing, in addition to the coolest plus size NERD clothing.

And they just keep coming out with more and more stuff! I can’t even keep up!

I’ve had this Hogwarts Shield Football Tee for about a year. It’s holding up really well. The fabric isn’t thin and it’s not fading or peeling. It’s super flattering, with its angled sleeves. I’ve always liked how I look in baseball tees, and this football tee has a similar shape.

Nancy Basile in Torrid Hogwarts Shield Football Tee

Lookin’ all backwards in the mirror in my Torrid Hogwarts Shield Football Tee.

Where to Buy

Buy this Hogwarts Shield Football Tee from Torrid. While you’re at it, get some plus size Harry Potter leggings to go with it.

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