Thirteenth Doctor Plus Size Cosplay

The Thirteenth Doctor of the Doctor Who series is, finally, a woman. About damn time! The producers of Doctor Who have been talking about casting a woman as the Doctor since 1981. Only took ’em almost four decades to pull the trigger.

Regardless of the delayed nod to women, and the hubbub it caused casting a woman (actress Jodie Whittaker), the Thirteenth Doctor has a very iconic look, just as her predecessors did. The Thirteen Doctor wears a sleek trench coat, a tee featuring rainbow stripes, suspenders (whaaa?), wide-leg pants, striped socks and boots. Although the overall outfit takes its cues from mens’ clothing, she looks quite fetching and feminine.

I’ve put together an easy Thirteen Doctor cosplay costume for plus size women. Each piece is reasonably priced, except where noted. And each piece comes in plus sizes, of course.

If any of these Thirteenth Doctor cosplay pieces are sold out, you can always look for them on Poshmark (that’s my referral link). Poshmark usually has plenty of Torrid and Hot Topic clothing for sale. And if you want to save money, check out your local thrift stores for look-alike pieces.

While you can wear this Thirteenth Doctor plus size cosplay costume for your next con or for Halloween, the beauty of this outfit is just that: it’s a regular outfit. You could wear it any day of the week and only other Doctor Who fans would know.

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Thirteenth Doctor Plus Size Cosplay

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Thirteenth Doctor Plus Size Cosplay

Trench Coat – This plus size trench coat from Torrid is designed to look like the Thirteenth Doctor’s. I love the line of it, narrow at the top and swinging to a wider hem. Leaving out the belt is also slimming. However, if you can’t find this coat or want an alternative, this plus size gray coat I found on DressLily also has a sleek look.

Blonde Bob Wig – This wig from Amazon is the closest I could find to her short bob and her dirty blonde hair color. I also chose this wig because it’s around $20, which is pretty cheap for a wig. You could always get a more expensive wig if you’re really serious about your cosplay. Of course, you don’t have to wear a wig if you’re doing more of a casual cosplay.

Rainbow T-shirt – The Thirteenth Doctor is all about rainbows, because Doctor Who is all about inclusivity. Loving all the rainbows! This t-shirt is simple, but definitely iconic. I chose to link to the Doctor Who shirt on Hot Topic because it’s truly cut for plus size, with baseball t-shirt style, but with short sleeves.

Wide Leg Pants – Now, I’m not a fan of wide leg pants. I tried on the Doctor Who pants from Torrid (see my try-on video on YouTube) and really didn’t like them. But I’m short (5′ 1″) so wide legs don’t look good on me. However, the Thirteenth Doctor wears cropped, wide-leg pants, so here we are. The “official” pants from Torrid are sold out, but I found a very attractive alternative. These pants for curvy women are made by Chicwe and go up to size 26.

Suspenders – I’m not sure how attractive these suspenders will look if you have big boobs. They might not even be visible under the coat. But since the Thirteenth Doctor wears them, I’m including them with the outfit. If your bust isn’t overly large, I’m sure they’ll look smashing. And if your bust is overly large, show ’em off with style.

Rainbow Scarf – The Thirteenth Doctor’s rainbow scarf was the first thing that got some fans in an uproar, thinking it meant that the Thirteenth Doctor is gay. Well, Doctor Who has always had gay characters and those people need to get over it. The scarf I found by Jen’s Nerdy Knitting on Etsy is a tiny bit expensive for something you’ll only wear once in a while. (Although, it’s beautifully made, so it deserves its price.) This rainbow scarf from Crocheting Endeavors is less expensive.

Striped Socks – I love these socks! I love the contrasting blue colors. The pair I found on Amazon also come with a second pair of blue socks with a little Tardis on them.

Boots – You could buy Dr. Martens boots to wear with the Thirteenth Doctor plus size cosplay, but they’re awfully expensive. These boots I found on Amazon by Herstyle are stylish knock-offs. And if you’re worried about the boots fitting your calves, you can unlace them and fold them down, just like the good Doctor does.

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  1. February 5, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    I love this look. If I were to cosplay 13 would be high on my list.

    • February 6, 2020 / 2:58 pm

      She looks pretty awesome. I love how it’s feminine, but still gets the job done, y’know?

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