Plus Size Disney Princess Shirts

Everyone has a favorite Disney princess. And wearing plus size Disney princess shirts tells the whole world you want to dance ’til midnight or stay up where they walk or sail for the horizon or even kiss a frog. And if you know each princess I’m talking about, consider yourself a Disnerd — a die-hard Disney fan.

Lots of women love to wear their favorite Disney princess on a plus size t-shirt when they visit Disney World or Disneyland. Even better is having your picture taken with your favorite princess while wearing the shirt!

Even if you’re just running errands, putting on your fave Disney princess shirt and feeling good about the way you look (because you found the right plus size) can really lift your spirits. Make it the BEST. DAY. EVER.

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Plus Size Disney Princess Shirts

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Plus Size Ariel

Plus Size Ariel T-shirt

Ariel and Flounder – The Little Mermaid was the Disney movie that changed everything. It was the first Disney princess movie that was more like a Broadway musical than a stilted talkie. The writers delved into characterization much more than previous movies. It’s no surprise, then, that Ariel is so popular. This plus size Ariel and Flounder t-shirt is super cute and goes up to 3XL.

Plus Size Disney Ariel T-shirt

The Little Mermaid – I love this, “Mermaid at heart.” This one is a little different than other plus size Disney princess shirts because it shows the human version of Ariel. This t-shirt can have a double meaning because you can also be a mermaid at heart. Goes up to 4XL.

Plus Size Cinderella

Plus Size Cinderella Shirt

Have Courage and Be Kind – What a wonderful line! It comes from the live-action version of Cinderella, starring Lily James. Cinderella’s mother, played by the gorgeous Hayley Atwell, tells her to “have courage and be kind.” You can find this shirt in The Midnight Comet shop on Etsy. Lots of colors available.

Plus Size Cinderella Shirt

Live Like There Is No Midnight – Here’s another great sentiment on plus size Disney princess shirts. Every time I look at this shirt, “I could have danced all night…” starts playing in my head. Buy this in the Saguaro Threads shop on Etsy. Goes up to 3XL.

Plus Size Cinderella Shirt

Never Apart – I went a little nuts with finding plus size Cinderella shirts. (Can you tell which princess is my favorite?) This one would be sweet to wear as a couple or for an anniversary. Goes up to 3XL.

Plus Size Cinderella Meme Shirt

At My Worst and Best – This shirt is a play on a popular meme format going around social media. “If you don’t love me at my [worst], then you don’t deserve me at my [best].” If you wear this, I’m sure other Disnerds would get a kick out of it.

Plus Size Snow White

Plus Size Fairest of Them All

Fairest of Them All – Ah, Snow White. The first Disney princess. This plus size t-shirt is just lovely, with her wildlife friends all around her. Goes up to 3XL. I also like the font and the flower frame.

Plus Size Snow White Shirt

Thank You, Next – Here’s a cute scene from Snow White, with the princess giving each dwarf a lil’ smack on the forehead. Handpicked Handmade sells this on Etsy. Goes up to 4X.

Plus Size Belle

Plus Size Belle Shirt with Books

Belle and Her Books – Isn’t this the perfect image of Belle? It’s got everything. Her beautiful gown, her books and the castle. This plus size Disney princess shirt in a variety of colors and goes up to 3XL.

Plus Size Belle Shirt

Nose Stuck in a Book – I also love this t-shirt of Belle with a popular Beauty and the Beast lyric in her silhouette. “With a dream far-off look and her nose stuck in a book.” The Midnight Comet sells this plus size Disney shirt on Etsy in a variety of colors and up to 4X.

Plus Size Moana

Plus Size Moana Shirt

It Calls Me – Oh, this movie! This song! I can’t get enough of “no one knooooows, where it goooooes.” Moana is one of the new breed of Disney princess who is out for adventure, and not just to find a prince. (Gag.) The Midnight Comet sells this t-shirt in a bunch of colors and up to size 4X.

Plus Size Mulan

Plus Size Mulan Shirt

Mulan Collage – There are lots of plus size Mulan shirts to choose from on Amazon, but I like this one best. It shows Mulan and Mushu and a little bit of the scenery from the animated movie. Goes up to 3X.

Plus Size Rapunzel

Plus Size Rapunzel Shirt

Best Day Ever – Another cute quote. If you say “best day ever” to a Disney fan, they’ll know you’re talking about Rapunzel in Tangled. This is another plus size shirt from The Midnight Comet on Etsy. Up to 4X in a variety of colors.

Plus Size Jasmine

Plus Size Jasmine Shirt

A Whole New World – Aladdin is one of the Disney movies that got a live-action makeover. What did you think of Will Smith as the genie? (You can tell me in the comments.) I like the whimsical design on this shirt from The Midnight Comet. Sizes go up to 4XL.

Plus Size Sleeping Beauty

Plus Size Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora – Finding a plus size Sleeping Beauty shirt outside of official stores is tough. Maleficent is way more popular than Princess Aurora. I did find this one on Amazon. It’s got a lil’ joke. Only goes up to 2XL.

Plus Size Tiana

Plus Size Tianna

Live to Dream – The Princess and the Frog was a different kind of movie for Disney, what with the voodoo and all. But because it was different, I totally loved it. I love seeing other cultures rep’d, like in Moana and Coco. Keep ’em coming, Disney! Goes up to 3XL on Amazon.

Plus Size Pocahontas

Plus Size Pocahontas Shirt

The Right Path – Pocahontas was literally and figuratively a trailblazer. Talk about a working mom! The minimalist silhouette here is just gorgeous. Goes up to 4X in The Midnight Comet shop on Etsy.

Where did you wear your plus size Disney princess shirt? Tell me in the comments!

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