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Plus Size Disney Shirts for Women

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…” And these plus size Disney shirts are a dream come true! I found some fantastic and unique t-shirts online. I pulled them all together in this post, to give you an idea of some basic styles out there. Some are from ThinkGeek and Amazon, others are from Etsy (support those artists!).

If you find plus size Disney shirts you think I should know about, shoot me an email at nancy@plussizenerd.com.

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Plus Size Disney Snow White Tee

Although this plus size Disney t-shirt from ThinkGeek claims to be Team Snow White, the biggest graphic is the poison apple the Evil Queen gives her. So, I guess you can wear it whether you’re Team Snow White or Team Evil Queen!

Plus Size Disney Magic Quote on a T-shirt

This plus size t-shirt from ThinkGeek says that “Love is the most powerful magic of all.” I’m guessing from that dagger that this is more of a Once Upon a Time shirt more than anything else. But it’s a sneaky one!

Plus Size Disney Belle T-shirt

I love this t-shirt of Disney’s Belle on Amazon. The muted colors give it the look of watercolors. It’s a soft jersey knit, and the v-neck makes it very flattering on a plus size figure.

Plus Size Minnie Colorful Tee

This plus size Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Dylan’s Designs, Inc. on Etsy has a psychedelic silhouette of our favorite girl mouse. The mix of bright pink really makes it pop.

Plus Size Disney Jack Skellington

This plus size Disney shirt on Amazon features the star-crossed (skull-crossed?) lovers, Jack and Sally, of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although the movie is full of crazy color, this shirt is an understate gray. Perfect for pairing with jeans and a jacket!

Plus Size Disney Ariel T-shirt

I really like this sweet plus size Ariel t-shirt because, for a change, Ariel is shown as a human and not a mermaid. The soft colors are just gorgeous.

Plus Size Minnie Black Pink Shirt

According to Amazon, this black Minnie Mouse t-shirt has an 80% when it comes to fitting as expected. The v-neck and wide bottom are flattering on any plus size figure.

Plus Size Disney Hocus Pocus Shirt

Ah, Hocus Pocus! Who knew when that movie premiered it would become the cult classic that it is today? This minimalist plus size Hocus Pocus t-shirt from Mouse Apparel on Etsy is so cute and funny!

Plus Size Disney Eeyore T-shirt

Ah, poor Eeyore! He’s one of my favorite characters from Winnie the Pooh. Can’t you just hear that voice? This plus size Eeyore t-shirt is especially cute, and it doesn’t show his tail-less behind!

Plus Size Disney Mickey Mouse Colorful T-shirt

Here’s a cute and colorful plus size DIsney t-shirt of Mickey Mouse. I love the pastels because they’re perfect for spring or summer. Amazon claims it’s a slim fit that falls to the hips. Looks super comfy!

Plus Size Disney Pink Minnie Mouse T-shirt

This might be my favorite shirt in this collection. Bright pink? Check! V-neck? Check! Flattering short sleeves? Check! This plus size Minnie Mouse t-shirt has a distressed style that gives it a vintage look.

Plus Size Disney Peter Pan T-shirt

When I was a kid, I had the soundtrack to Peter Pan on a 45 (yes, I’m old!) that came with a storybook. Oh, man! I listened to that thing a million times. I still love the music. In fact, I chose it as one of my top 5 Disney sing-along movies. This plus size Peter Pan and Tinkerbell t-shirt is a pretty shade of green.

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