Plus Size Disney Parks Dresses for Women

Now you can get a plus size Disney Parks dress outside of Orlando and Anaheim.

If you’ve visited any of the Disney parks, you know they have merch you can’t get anywhere else. That’s how they get ya! From Mickey Mouse ears to fancy clothes, Disney World and Disneyland have shops full of exclusive stuff because they know that you know that you can only get it there. So, of course, you buy it! At a huge mark-up!

Those days are over. Now you can find plus size Disney parks dresses online pretty easily thanks to lines like Her Universe and Torrid. You can buy them on Amazon. And they’re gorgeous! Here are some of my favorites.

I found this official sizing chart for Disney Parks dresses if you want to see exact measurements.

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Plus Size Disney Parks Dresses

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Plus Size Disney Parks Dresses

Plus Size DisneyParks Fantasyland Dress – This dress is just adorable. I love that you have the option of dropping the sleeves for a bare shoulder, but still have straps to hold it up. Goes up to 2X.

Plus size Disney Fantasyland Dress

Plus Size DisneyParks Snow White Apple Dress – This is a beautiful nod to Snow White without having to wear a dress that’s nothing but primary colors.  2X

Plus size DisneyParks Snow White Apple Dress

Plus Size DisneyParks Minnie Mouse Dress – There’s nothing more flattering to a plus size than these fit and flare dresses! Or skater dress. Or vintage dress. But they all have the same kind of style: Fitted bust and A-line or full skirt. You could wear this one to all kinds of events!

Plus size DisneyParks Minnie Mouse Dress

Plus Size DisneyParks Haunted Mansion Dress – Ooo, don’t you just love the Haunted Mansion at Disney parks? It’s spooky, but in a childlike way. It’s just this side of scary. And this dress reflects all that fun and spookiness! This plus size Haunted Mansion dress would be especially fun to wear at Halloween!

Plus Size Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Dress

Plus Size DisneyParks Fantasyland Castle Dress and Cardigan – There isn’t a single Dinsey princess to be seen on this plus size castle dress, but it’s got royalty written all over it. Under the cardigan, the dress has straps and Cinderella’s castle embroidered on the top.

Plus Size Disney Parks Castle Dress

Plus Size DisneyParks Dress Shop Mary Poppins Dress – Oh, how I looooove Mary Poppins! When we were at Disney World, you would have thought I got my picture taken with Julie Andrews herself! I was so, so excited. And this dress is so, so beautiful.

Plus Size Mary Poppins DressI also saw several of these dresses on Poshmark for a discounted price. If you sign up for Poshmark for the first time, would you please mention me in your “invite code?” We’ll both get $5 credit! Just use “nancybasile” (no quotes, obv).

Where did you wear your plus size Disney Parks dress? Let me know in the comments!

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