Plus Size Disney Dress for Grown-up Nerds

You need a plus size Disney dress? Lucky for you, there are plenty out there. I remember a time when the only way to buy Disney clothes of any kind was from Disney World or Disneyland parks. Now, in the words of Cinderella, “whatever you wish for, you keep.”

My mom used to take me to the Disney store at the “big mall” sometimes. It was like heaven! It even had a special smell, that I suspect was a combination of vinyl and resin.

I’ve pulled together a collection of lovely plus size Disney dresses from Torrid and Etsy.

Update Feb. 2, 2020: The dresses on this page are no longer available. Check out my other blog posts with plus size Disney clothing ideas. Or search Poshmark to see if anyone is selling them used.

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Plus Size Disney Dress

Disclosure: These are affiliate links. If you buy something using these links, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. However, I would recommend these dresses anyway.

Dumbo Dress

Plus Size Dumbo Dress

I love the minimalist style of this plus size Dumbo dress from Disney. The back is strappy, which is lots of fun. And the sleeves are just the right length.

Get Dumbo Dress

Alice in Wonderland

Plus Size Alice in Wonderland Dress

This plus size Alice in Wonderland dress from Torrid is a little bit cute and a little bit sexy. The see-through mesh with the sweetheart bustline is very attractive. The skirt is so pretty! It’s an understated Alice design.

Get Alice Dress


Plus Size Bambi Dress

You have to look really close to see the animals in this plus size Bambi dress from Torrid. I spotted Thumper in there! This dress has skinny, criss-cross straps in the back, which adds a little bit of a sexy feel to it.

Get Bambi Dress


Plus Size Up Dress

OMG! I’ve never seen an Up dress before! This a-dor-a-ble plus size Up dress from Torrid has all the characters across the hem. And, of course, there are balloons! Knit, skater style.

Get Up Dress


Plus Size Tangled Dress

I wasn’t going to include this plus size Tangled dress from Torrid. Then I read the reviews. This dress has a couple of bad reviews (from people who sound cranky) but it also has GLOWING reviews, so I included it. One woman wore it to a Disney wedding. Wouldn’t that be fun? The positive reviews said that it fill very well and was very flattering.

Get Tangled Dress


Plus Size Aristocats Dress

This is a very understated plus size Aristocats dress from Torrid. I’m not in love with it, but when do you ever see something for Aristocats? (One of my Disney faves.)

Get Aristocats Dress


Plus Size Aurora Dress

This plus size Aurora dress from Honeysuckle Atelier on Etsy is just lovely. (And can you believe the photo in front of the castle? Yowza!) Not only is this dress gorgeous, but she also has a TON of other dresses and outfits from Disney that you can get custom made.

Get Aurora Dress

Minnie Mouse

Plus Size Minnie Mouse Pinup Dress

This is a gorgeous plus size Minnie Mouse pinup dress from Torrid. (There are more pinup dresses below.) Minnie’s face pops up all over! The sweetheart bustline is trimmed and the back is stretchy.

Get Aurora Dress


Plus Size Ariel Dress

OMG this plus size Ariel dress from Utinni Bikini on Etsy is so cute! You could wear this for cosplay, just like the model. Or just wear it for every day!

Get Ariel Dress

Winnie the Pooh

Plus Size Winnie the Pooh Dress

It’s hard to find an attractive plus size Winnie the Pooh dress, but look no further! This pinup from Pinup Doll Collection on Etsy is just lovely. Goes up to 3X.

Get Winnie the Pooh Dress

Minnie Mouse

Plus Size Minnie Mouse Halter Dress

Here’s another plus size Minnie Mouse pinup dress but slightly different. I love the wide waistband. This dress comes from Lady Mayra Clothing on Etsy. She has other vintage and pinup dresses, so be sure to look around her shop.

Get Minnie Mouse Dress


Plus Size Ursula Cover Up

Okay. Technically this isn’t a dress. But this plus size Ursula cover up is so dang gorgeous, I just had to put it here. Doesn’t it make you want summer, like, right now?

Get Ursula Cover Up

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