Betsey Johnson Women’s Everyday Crew Socks

Like a lot of my most awesome clothes, I got Betsey Johnson Women’s Everyday Crew Socks as a gift from my husband. Frankly, it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever given me. He gets a kick every time I wear them. I totally love them because I kind of have a thing about socks.

Remember that movie, In Her Shoes? Rose (played by Toni Collette) has a serious shoe problem. She owns, like, a TON of shoes. Then we find out that the reason she loves to buy shoes is that they always fit. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing her fat clothes (abolish that idea, ladies!) or her skinny clothes (whatevs!), shoes always fit.

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I kinda feel like that about socks, except about the fat clothes and skinny clothes thing. I got rid of that self-judgement a long time ago. They’re just my clothes. Some I feel extra sassy in. Others I reserve for blah days. And still others are for blah-but-I-look-good days.

Betsey Johnson Women's Everyday Crew Socks on Amazon

Betsey Johnson Women’s Everyday Crew Socks on Amazon

Anyway, back to socks. I love fun socks! They’re a fantastic way to express yourself. Although, you’re really expressing yourself to yourself, because socks are hard to see. But doesn’t it make it extra-special when someone says, “Hey! I love your socks!” That means they took an extra second to check you out from top to bottom, and they noticed your socks. I seriously dig that.

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I love the Betsey Johnson Women’s Everday Crew Socks because they generally rep’ my #mood exactly. It’s like they know me. Mondays usually are sleepy. Thursdays are more often than not spooky (because the weekend is THIS CLOSE). And Fridays are totally sexy. And I would never wear the wrong day’s socks. Sacrilege!

I have lots of other fun socks, too. I have socks with the Hogwarts crest and all the house crests. I have Wonder Woman socks that my daughter gave me. I have Spider-Man socks that I got from SuperHeroStuff; they were the “mystery socks” I added to my order for $5. (#bargain) And I’m feeling like I need even more socks, like Star Wars socks and some Marvel socks.

Sometimes I post my socky feet on Instagram to share my love of warm tootsies with the world. I’d love to see your socks too! If you post them on Instagram, use #plussizenerd so I’ll be sure to see them and re-post them. It’ll be our own sock fest!

Betsey Johnson Scary Tuesday Socks

My feet are toasty warm in Betsey Johnson Scary Tuesday Socks.

Where to Buy

As of this blog post, Amazon was selling Betsey Johnson Women’s Every Day Crew Socks for a whopping $43.52! What the what? I think you can get them cheaper on ebay or if you Google them.

Which pair of socks is your favorite to wear? Let me know in the comments!

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