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The Perfect T-shirt for an Introvert

I'm an introvert from birth. And the older I get, the more anxiety I have when it comes to crowds of people. My husband saw this anxiety cat t-shirt from TeeTurtle and thought I'd get a kick out of it. He knows my introvert ways! It's the perfect introvert t-shirt.

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Are you familiar with TeeTurtle? If you're not, run — don't walk — over to their website. They have all kinds of fandom t-shirts. But their t-shirts are original designs featuring adorable bunnies, cats and characters saying hilarious things.

Anxiety Cat T-shirt on Nancy Basile
I feel ya, kitty

I can't stress enough just how adorable their illustrations are. They have t-shirts for How to Train Your Dragon, Nintendo, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Adventure TimeSteven Universe and so much more. Their search algorithm is top-notch, so it's easy to find exactly what you want.

I've always loved fandom t-shirts with original designs. It's like an even nerdier version than an already nerdy t-shirt. And when you run into other die-hard fans, they totally get a kick out of seeing something a little different, a little more original. It makes me feel like I discovered a hidden gem!

My daughter has two of the cute bunny t-shirts. One says, “Me? Sarcastic? Never.” The other one says, “Books are like people. But interesting.”

My introvert t-shirt is an XL, but it's really snug. There are days when I feel confident enough to wear it (or my muffin top is flatter than usual). But the more I washed it, the less likely I was to wear it. I finally gave it to my daughter. Obviously, it's big on her, but she wears it with leggings and it's super cute on her. (Excuse me, I need to go order a 2XL.)

Do you have any cute t-shirts from TeeTurtle? Snap a pic and post it with #plussizenerd!

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