Cool plus size cosplay ideas from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and other fandoms.

Best Online Stores for Plus Size Cosplay

Whether you’re into plus size cosplay or planning a one-time plus size costume for Halloween, online stores will have all the costume pieces and props to help your character come to life. I’ve shopped all…

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Arya Stark Casual Cosplay for Game of Thrones Fans

Arya Stark emerged as one of the most amazing characters on Game of Thrones. I put together these ideas for a plus size Arya Stark cosplay to wear to a comic con, a viewing party or…

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Plus Size Renaissance Dress Fitting

I’ve got fitting and sizing tips to help you find the perfect plus size Renaissance costume. Or, tricks for altering a plus size Renaissance costume you already own. Plus size Renaissance costumes are wardrobe staple for…

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