Plus size nerd clothing for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and other fandoms.

Plus Size Iron Man Casual Cosplay

Iron Man bound for plus size Marvel fans! This casual, sporty — but sexy! — Iron Man bound plus size outfit is ready to go to any Marvel movie or any time you want to…

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Dreams Come True in These Plus Size Disney Shirts for Women

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…” And these plus size Disney shirts are a dream come true! I found some fantastic and unique t-shirts online. I pulled them all together in this post,…

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Hogwarts Shield Football Tee

I did my happy happy joy joy dance when I found this Hogwarts Shield Football Tee at Torrid. Do you remember when plus size nerd clothes were hard to find? Oh, you could find all…

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Plus Size Captain America Casual Cosplay

There’s a reason I put together this plus size Captain America casual cosplay outfit together for Marvel fans. It’s no secret to my family and friends that Captain America is my favorite Avenger. When I…

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Betsey Johnson Women’s Everyday Crew Socks

Like a lot of my most awesome clothes, I got Betsey Johnson Women’s Everyday Crew Socks as a gift from my husband. Frankly, it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever given me. He gets a…

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Scarlet Witch Plus Size Casual Cosplay

I put together a plus size Scarlet Witch casual cosplay outfit for everyday cosplay or if you want to wear Scarlet Witch to your next comic con. I dug deep through online stores to find…

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Thor Outfit in Plus Size Brings the Thunder

This plus size Thor bound has all the electricity of the God of Thunder himself. This look is more grunge than haute couture because Thor got really real in Thor: Ragnarok. (And ’90s grunge is…

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