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Put Your Savings On Autopilot

You know you should be saving money for an emergency or for retirement. But with wages looking like it’s 1995, but everything costs like it’s 2095, putting money aside is pretty tough to do. I…

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Take Comparison Shopping to a New Level

Everyone likes saving money. Most of the time people just get lucky when they find sales, but you can comparison shop with a plan if you think ahead. In the old days (like, 15 years…

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Smart Shopping: The Pros and Cons of Sales

Do you practice smart shopping? Who doesn’t love a good sale? I try to wait for sales before I buy clothes or big items, like luggage. Sometimes, though, the cutest outfit shows up on an…

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Smart Shopping List Tricks to Save Money

Before I consistently kept a shopping list, I wasted a ton of time and probably a decent amount of money. I would jot things I needed on a Post-It note just as I was running…

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Is Online Shopping Worth the Deals?

What did I do before online shopping? Although many shoppers still enjoy the hustle and bustle of doing their holiday shopping in traditional stores and may also enjoy the festive decorations during the holiday season,…

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L’Oreal Had It Right, You’re Worth It.

I remember when I found out that the best makeup is usually worth its high price. For all of my teenage years and my early 20s, I only bought the cheapest makeup I could find.…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Smart Shopping

If you want to save money, you need to be a smart shopper. Smart shopping takes planning, some product knowledge and a lot of patience. You can find everything you want for a good deal…

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