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May the 4th Interview with Star Wars Reporter

May the 4th (as in May the 4th be with you) has become a national holiday for nerds everywhere. It’s Star Wars day. To celebrate Star Wars day this year, I asked Steve Fitch, of Star Wars…

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Take Your Happy Place Everywhere – Literally

You hear it all the time, either as a joke or as a suggestion when you’re, say, having blood drawn: “Go to your happy place.” With a GPS coordinate bracelet from Sincerely Silver, you can…

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Closet Clean-Out Bingo with Free Printable

Now that it spring is here, you’re probably daydreaming about a good closet cleaning. I can tell you from experience that cleaning out your closet is a fantastic way to feel better about not only…

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10 Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money in 24 Hours

Ah, shopping apps. They can save you money like crazy but there are a gazillion to choose from. Some shopping apps help you save money with coupons and discounts. Other shopping apps tell you about…

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Clothes That Are Worth Spending Money On

With all the choices for clothing nowadays, it can be confusing to understanding what makes good clothes and what doesn’t. The thing to remember is that cheaper is not always better. That second-hand robes shop…

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Mrs. Weasley’s Shopping Tips and Tricks for Saving $$$

Thanks for joining our Christmas shopping challenge! But it has ended. In the meantime, check out these money-saving blog posts. 10 Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money Clothes That Are Worth Spending Money On…

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Hate Looking In The Mirror? How to Love Yourself

A positive body image is something that we all know we should strive for. But having a positive body image, in our modern world, actually takes some work. After you put in the work, however,…

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How to Celebrate Hobbit Day the Plus Size Nerd Way

Hobbit Day is celebrated every year on September 22, the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Where I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Rabbit and the Dragonfly, a wonderful coffee shop and community hang-out,…

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Let Your Plus Size Nerd Clothes Power Up Your Confidence

I don’t  know about you, but when I wear my favorite fandoms, I feel like a superhero. Invincible! All-powerful! And, above all, I have CONFIDENCE. If you’re on this blog, then you wear a size…

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