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Plus Size Nerd August Giveaway. Hogwarts lunch bag!

I've decided to show you some love by giving away something every month that a plus size nerd would love to have.

See, I've been trying to build my email list so that I have direct contact with y'all. But it's slow going! And I completely understand. Not everyone is like me, who signs up for every frickin' email newsletter I come across. A lot of you are reluctant to hand over your email address because your inbox is already overflowing. You don't need another weekly email, right?

Oh, but you do! Because the plus size nerd email newsletter is never long, only shows up a couple of times a week and tells you about live videos, new blog posts, online sales and discounts and when a new YouTube video is posted.

In addition to all that, now when you become an email subscriber, you have the change to win a prize! Every month, I'm going to give away something that a plus size nerd would love. It might be a t-shirt. It might be stationery. It might be jewelry. Hard to say!

All you have to do is sign up for my email newsletter and I'll handle the rest. AND if you want an even better chance of winning, there are other ways you can earn points.

August Giveaway – Hogwarts Lunch Bag

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Different Prize Every Month

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

August 2019 Prize

Hogwarts Lunch Bag
Hogwarts Lunch Bag

July 2019 Prize

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stationery Set

July Winner: Jennifer S.!

June 2019 Prize

Edward Scissorhands T-shirt (2XL)

June Winner: Ashley A.!

Author: Nancy Basile

Nancy Basile has been a nerd since the first time she wore Wonder Woman Underoos. Being plus size is just, well, a plus.

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