Find Out When to Shop for Clothes to Save the Most Money

Timing is important when you shop for clothes. Knowing when to shop for clothes is important because retailers introduce new items to their line on a specific schedule, depending on the type of item it is and the brand or designer. Then, when new items are introduced, the old items go on sale. That’s why Mrs. Weasley waits a year before buying any new robes; she knows that in a year she can snag brand new robes at a deep discount.

For example, it’s a good idea to buy out of season for clothing to get the best deals, like buying down coats in the spring and summer. It’s also a good idea to avoid jumping on a trend as soon as it hits; wait a little while and you’ll be able to snap up those trendy clothes for less.

Listed below are the best time frames for when to shop for clothes, as well as a few other items.

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End of Day

Yup. Believe it or not, the end of the day can be a boon to savvy shoppers. This is especially true for thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. But it can work with almost any type of item that is sold via a salesperson who is tired (such as clothing, furniture, appliances and cars). Locally owned and operated stores are much more likely to give you deals at the end of the day than a big chain store, because the salespeople at a chain store don’t necessarily have the power to lower prices. If you go to a store at the end of the day, be sure to ask if there are any sales or special discounts going on when you check out. Tired sales clerk + secret sale =  sweet spot of savings.

End of Season

Quilt square of Mrs. Weasley Each type of product has a season. For instance, cars are usually by year but the new models tend to start coming out in October. Which means from October to December, and even into January and February (if you’re willing to wait and lose out on some options), you can get good discounts on new cars.

The same goes for clothing. I’m sure you’ve been to your favorite shop in June, ready to buy a swimsuit, only to be met with rack after rack of sweaters and flannels. What the what? The good news is that if there are any swimsuits left by that time, you can get them on clearance. Retail seasons are always a few months ahead of actual seasons, so use their schedule to think ahead and get some bargains.

Before the New Styles Come Out

Find out from the stores where you shop when they bring in new merchandise. They usually have a schedule for each week, month, season and year. Then make it a practice to come in right before that day. They’re going to be more interested in making shelf space than sticking to that full price.

I have an acquaintance who knows exactly what day of the week each big box store in our area gets new clothes delivered. She schedules her week around those days and ends up getting fantastic deals on the old styles before they’re sent to overstock stores.

Black Friday

Of course, Black Friday is the beast of all sales days. Plenty of people plan when to shop for clothes and other stuff around Black Friday. I used to work with a woman who did next year’s Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Yeah. That’s some planning!

While many Black Friday offers are just ploys to get you to the store, if you have the stomach for it and can plan for it, you can pretty much buy things at more than half price on this day. But, be prepared to say no to things you had no intention of buying and sticking to your wish list. You’ll be attracted (squirrel!) to all the door busters and $1 bargains that stores put out for impulse buys. (It’s a trap!)

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has quickly risen through the ranks to stand next to Black Friday as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This is an excellent day to shop for items on your list that you wanted to buy but didn’t find. Plus, lots of stores have “online only” deals.

Go down your list and Look for deals on the things you couldn’t find on Black Friday. Or, create your Wish List from deals online. Be sure to take advantage of smart shopping apps for some of those online deals.

Amazon Prime Day

Each year Amazon has what they call Prime Day. It’s a day where they sell over a billion dollars of discounted merchandise to their Prime members. That means all the items have free shipping, the items are limited in number and come at steep discounts. Again, look at your list and buy from your list, not from just browsing. Trust me, you will end up buying things you never planned to buy if you just start looking at all the deals Amazon offers. (I’m looking at you, air fryer.)

Blue Credit Card
Shop when you have the cash.

When You Have Cash

It’s usually best to plan when to shop with when you’ll actually have the money to do so. I know it seems obvious, but don’t go shopping when you don’t have money to shop. You don’t want to be tempted to spend more money than you have, no matter what time it is or what good deal it is. Trust me that you will spend way, way less money if you save up for something rather than buy something on a credit card and end up paying interest. Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

Let’s say you’re dying to buy that gorgeous Captain America shield pendant from Sideshow Toy. But it’s $295! Let’s compare how much that pendant will cost you in total if you save up for it or if you pay for it on a credit card month after month.

You decide to set aside $50 a month to save for the necklace. (That’s about nine mochas at Starbucks.) In six months, you have enough to buy the pendant! (Minus tax and shipping, but this is for comparison purposes only.) You spend $295.

Now let’s say you buy it on a credit card at 16%. And, just for the sake of comparison, let’s say you’re going to pay $50 toward the credit card balance, even though the minimum payment is only 2%. The calculator at Consumer Credit says you’ll pay an extra $14.34 and it will take you seven months to pay the whole debt off. The way I look at it, an extra $14.34 pays for almost three mochas.

That’s only one purchase! Imagine how much money you’d save if you did that with all your purchases. Yes, it’s a pain to wait, but oh so sweet to have that extra cash.


Using the information in this blog post, study the best time when to shop for clothes or other goodies. Look at your list and write down the months or even days of the week that are best to buy that item. You can find a comprehensive list for when the items are best to buy here. Then make a plan, save up and go for it!

When do you find deals? Tell us in the comments!

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