Marvel Gift Guide for Plus Size Women

Looking for a Marvel gift guide? Finding a Marvel gift for your favorite plus size nerd doesn’t have to be as difficult as finding all the Infinity Stones on the timeline.

I created this Marvel guide guide for folks looking to buy a gift for a plus size Marvel fan that says “I get you,” but, at the same time, doesn’t put you in the awkward position of buying clothing and guessing at her size. Why? Well, as a plus size woman, I can tell you it’s not the greatest when someone gives me clothes as a gift. If they’re too small, I end up feeling too big. If they’re too big, I’m like, “What, did they think I was really that big?”

To avoid all the drama, this Marvel gift guide has suggestions that don’t require any awkwardness but still let her wave her Marvel flag high. There’s something in every price range, so I’m sure you’ll find something that’s just perfect.

Bonus Points: Find out which Avenger is her favorite and buy her something accordingly.

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Marvel Gift Guide

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. If you buy something using these links, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

#1 Captain Marvel Creative Makeup Brush Set – Give her the power of Captain Marvel in this makeup brush set. She’ll feel like she’s going higher, further, faster every morning when she uses them.

#2 Marvel Powers of a Girl – This gorgeous hardcover book by Lorraine Cink, with illustrations by Alice X. Zhang, is a treasure. Not only does it have a bio on most of the Marvel women, it also has lessons and talks about why these women are important.

#3 Avengers Handmade Leather Journal – If your plus size nerd uses paper for anything, she will love this journal. Whether it’s containing her deepest thoughts or just the grocery list, she’ll feel the power of the stones when she uses it. It’s beautiful!

#4 Captain Marvel Tote Bag – You can’t go wrong when you buy anything from Loungefly, but this tote is especially lovely. This faux leather Captain Marvel tote bag combines femininity and kickass attitude.

#5 Loki Staff Keychain – If she prefers the God of Mischief, this cute keychain will make her grin like Loki on the throne of Asgard.

#5 Nick Fury Socks – Nick Fury is the unsung hero of the Avengers. He gets tough when no one wants to and heck, he brought them all together in the first place. These would be especially welcome on grouchy days.

#6 Avengers Tervis Tumbler – Tervis is a great brand and this tumbler’s artwork is just gorgeous.

#1 Black Panther Gloves – She doesn’t need the heart-shaped herb to grow claws when you give her these Black Panther gloves. Rahr.

#7 Deadpool Unicorn Slippers – Comfy, warm and hilarious. What more could a girl want? If she’s a Deadpool fan, she’ll be tickled pink to have these slippers.

#8 Stormbreaker Silver and Gold Necklace – This pendant is just beautiful. Sideshow Collectibles makes high-end stuff, so if she’s really into Thor (and really, who isn’t?) she’ll light up with electricity when you give it to her.

#9 Guardians of the Galaxy Nesting Dolls – There’s no doubt who the big guy is in this group of superheroes. Aren’t they fun?

#10 Spider-Verse Enamel PinsSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a fantastic movie. If she’s a fan of Spider Gwen, Miles Morales or any of the other Spideys, these pins will be the perfect gift.

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