Interview: Women in Gaming and JK Rowling

These two geek girls created a podcast specifically to talk about women in gaming. (I had the honor of being interviewed for their podcast, and you can listen to that episode here.) But their Geek Herring podcast covers much more, including women in epsorts, feminism in video games, JK Rowling, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, The Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb, and much more.

If you’re a geek and you’re a woman, you will love Monika and Amanda’s podcast. They want every geek girl to know they’re not alone and they’re seen and supported. Listen to these two delightful women dish about Harry Potter LARP (live-action role play), how they feel about being underrepresented in video games, and how they feel about JK Rowling as Harry Potter fans.

If you’d like to skip ahead, use the timestamps below.

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Geek Herring Interview

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Rape, Steam and Responsibility

Pathra Cadness / Hearthstone / Esports

The Gayly Prophet

Robin Hobb: The Realm of the Elderlings Episode

Time Stamps

5:02 How they became gamer girls and when they first geeked out.

7:34 Why they started a podcast and what they want women and girls to know.

12:32 Their thoughts on women in esports.

16:59 Their favorite podcast episodes to date and why.

21:37 Animal Crossing and what they’re playing now.

25:50 Their love of and history with Harry Potter books.

32:36 JK Rowling, Twitter and transphobia.

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