Game of Thrones Fan Theories: Which ones were right?

We’ve been following these Game of Thrones fan theories since the beginning of Season 8. Now that the show is over, it’s time to see if these Game of Thrones fan theories were right or wrong.

I generally don’t try to guess what’s going to happen in TV shows or movies. First of all, I’m usually wrong. Second of all, I just want to go along for the ride. Sometimes I’m interested in analyzing plot points and character development (see Media Medusa), but mostly I just want to sit back and lose myself in a really good story.

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So when it came time to check out some Game of Thrones fan theories, I turned to someone else to put together a list. I found a list of 30 Game of Thrones theories on Esquire. Yeah, 30! Some of them were outrageous, some of them were sure things. But there were a few that I thought, for sure, were way out in left field that turned out to be true! (Hence, why I don’t even try to guess what’s going to happen in movies and TV shows.)

This is a live video from May 23, 2019 where I check off which Game of Thrones fan theories were true and which ones were a bunch of bunk. The fan theories are listed below the video. Watch the video to find out if they came true or not. I didn’t list the results on the blog so people can avoid spoilers.

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  1. The Night King will turn the dead Starks beneath Winterfell into wights.
  2. Jon Snow will find evidence to prove his Targaryen lineage.
  3. Dany will turn into the ultimate villain, the Mad Queen.
  4. Dany will become the Night Queen.
  5. Jon will sacrifice himself for the Princess That Was Promised.
  6. Jon and Dany will betray each other.
  7. Jon Snow will finally ride a dragon.
  8. Sansa and Gendry end up together.
  9. Sansa is pregnant with Ramsay Bolton’s baby.
  10. Our sweet boy Sam is actually the Prince That Was Promised.
  11. Jaime Is the Prince That Was Promised.
  12. Jaime will kill the Night King.
  13. Melisandre will return with an army to save the day.
  14. Ned Stark is alive and will return.
  15. Tyrion is actually a Targaryen, too.
  16. Tyrion made a deal with Cersei and will betray Daenerys.
  17. Tyrion is the Prince that Was Promised.
  18. Arya will become Littlefinger.
  19. Arya kills Cersei.
  20. Cersei’s Pregnancy Will Kill Her.
  21. The White Walkers Are Actually Good … Because Bran.
  22. Bran is the Night King.
  23. Bran is the Prince That Was Promised and He and the Night King are ancient enemies.
  24. Bran Is Responsible for Ending the 300-Year Targaryen Dynasty.
  25. Bran Built the Wall.
  26. It’s the Cleganebowl … bowl … bowl … bowl.
  27. Jaime will kill Cersei, his lover/sister.
  28. Jon or Daeneys is the Prince(ss) Who Was Promised.
  29. What if Sam is the one telling this whole story?
  30. Look, the White Walkers are probably going to win.

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