Best Fall TV Shows 2019 for Geek Women

There’s a lot to get excited about when September comes: cooler temps, pumpkin spice everything and, best of all, fall TV! I’ve got a great list of fall TV shows for geek women to watch in 2019. Of course, some favorite TV shows are returning. But there are a ton of great, new TV shows coming in fall 2019. Let’s take a look! (Keep scrolling for trailers and the rest of the blog post.)

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The Dark Crystal / Aug. 30 / Netflix

The first one is The Dark Crystal on August 30th on Netflix. It’s an update to the already classic and super cool original by Jim Henson. The Netflix reboot is going to be even better and fans are stoked to see it. It’s rumored to stay true to the story, but with more effects and better characters.

Carnival Row / Aug. 30 / Amazon Prime

Next up is a fall TV show that I am really excited to see: Carnival Row, which will premiere August 30th on Amazon Prime. Carnival Row stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. It looks very steam punk. It’s set in a fictional Victorian era and it looks gorgeous. Carnival Row reminds me of The Paper Magician, the same kind of mash-up of fantasy and Victorian times.

Mr. Mercedes / Sept. 10 / Audience Network

The next show is for your horror fans. Mr Mercedes is based on the book by Stephen King that returns September 10th at 10:00 PM on the Audience Network, which is actually on AT&T TV Now. Stephen King fans — and really, all horror fans — loved the Mr. Mercedes book. Brendan Gleeson, the star of the show, won a Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Series, Drama/Genre.

American Horror Story: 1984 / Sept. 18 / FX

American Horror Story returns September 18th at 10:00 PM. If you’re a fan of the show, you know that every incarnation is different than the last. One was Apocalypse; one was Freak Show; one was Coven. I’ve never seen the show because I’m way too chicken. (Also, what’s up with 1984? The next Wonder Woman movie is Wonder Woman 1984.)

Disenchantment / Sept. 20 / Netflix

Have you seen Disenchantment on Netflix? My son and I love it. Disenchantment is Matt Groening’s animated series. (He created The Simpsons and Futurama.) Disenchantment is very funny, but also very thoughtful. It delves into thorny issues, like unrequited love, growing up, consequences to your actions, obligations,  and what it’s like to be privileged but stuck in your life.

The Good Place / Sept. 26 / NBC

The Good Place is one of my fave TV shows and I’m so happy it’s returning this fall. But I’m also so sad that this is the last season. If you haven’t watched The Good Place and get yourself to the Netflix or the Amazon and watch it. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are the two most famous cast members — and, of course, they’re awesome — but the previously unknown cast members are also amazing. My kids love The Good Place, and I love having a TV show I can enjoy with them. In fact, my daughter frequently asks me if it’s back on yet. She’s been asking for months!

Evil / Sept. 26 / CBS

Evil is a new fall TV show for 2019. Now, it’s it’s interesting to me that Evil is on CBS. CBS isn’t known for genre TV shows. They are cemented in baby boomer-loving cop TV shows, medical TV shows and legal procedural TV shows. Evil is about a team who is delving into the roots of evil. One of the cast members is Mike Coulter from Luke Cage. (Woot woot! Shout out to Luke Cage.) The show is dealing with the battle between good and evil. But they’re wearing suits.

Batwoman / Oct. 6 / CW

There’s a whole slate of CW TV shows coming for fall TV 2019. Some are returning, some are new, like Batwoman. So exciting! If you watched the Elseworlds crossover event last season, you saw the debut of Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose. It looks like it will be fantastic.

Supergirl / Oct. 6 / CW

Isn’t Melissa Benoist just the cutest on Supergirl? She’s wonderful as Supergirl. Last season was a lil’ bit all over the place, I gotta say. I know the show was exploring what’s going on with politics and Xenophobia in the real world, but for some reason, I wasn’t nearly as interested in that plot as I was the story about Reign. That had me riveted. I enjoyed all the episodes with Lex Luthor, but I didn’t like how they kind of shoe-horned his story into the Sons of Liberty story. I’m looking forward to this season with all the hubbub surrounding Lena Luthor.

Black Lightning / Oct. 7 / CW

Here is my plug for Black Lightning: You should be watching Black Lightning. It is unlike any other superhero TV shows. Other superhero TV shows deal with aliens and or supernatural beings. Even Arrow, which is about human enemies, also has a good bit of supernatural enemies. Black Lightning deals with real-life issues, especially problems that minorities face. I describe it as “superheroes meet The Wire.” It’s just such a good show. Black Lightning is written by African-Americans, produced by African-Americans, and directed by African-Americans. I’m happy that Greg Berlanti handed the show off to people who would know better than he would how to make it authentic. It’s kind of like how Marvel had the sense to hand Black Panther to Ryan Coogler. Finally getting out of their own way.

The Flash / Oct. 8 / CW

The Flash is my favorite CW TV show. If you watched it last season, you know it was heartbreaking. I’m really hoping that this season, we find out that things aren’t as bad as they seemed at the end of last season. (I don’t want to say exactly what I’m talking about because I don’t want to give anything away. I’m super anti-spoiler, but something happened last season that just ripped my heart right out.)

Riverdale / Oct. 9 / CW

Here’s something kind of funny. Recently, my son wasn’t feeling well, so he was kicked back and watching Riverdale. Riverdale isn’t something he would normally watch, but he got totally sucked in. He said, “Mom, this show is, like, so crazy but I can’t stop watching it.” That’s exactly how I feel! While I was watching Season 1 with him, I thought, this is so tame compared to Season 3, which was CRAY. Just when you think Riverdale can’t get any crazier than it already is, they go there.

Nancy Drew / Oct. 9 / CW

I am super psyched for Nancy Drew because it doesn’t look like it’s going to be scrubbed and squeaky-clean. I read all of the Nancy Drew books when I was a kid and I love murder mysteries. I’m digging the look of this version. It has a dark vibe, like Riverdale. Nancy Drew looks like it might have a little bit more of that flavor and I’m really super excited about that.

Supernatural / Oct. 10 / CW

I don’t know what die-hard fans of Supernatural are going to do after this season is over. It’s the last season. I mean, God bless the Supernatural team. What a slog. 14 years, isn’t it? That is a huge chunk of their lives, a huge chunk of anyone’s life. I read recently that the creators said that the deaths that happen this season are for real; nobody’s coming back to life. So, strap in, folks, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Legacies / Oct. 10 / CW

Legacies is a TV show that I didn’t even know about. Where have I been? Legacies is a spin-off of The Originals. If you’re not familiar with The Originals, the TV show was about the original vampires. This will only be the show’s second season, so you can binge the first season quick before the new season debuts. And if you need a reason to watch, Alexis Denisof is starring in Season 2. Alexis Denisof played Wesley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Genius casting, no?

Charmed / Oct. 11 / CW

I don’t watch Charmed. I know, I know. I didn’t even watch the original. There’s just only so much time in the day! But I have friends who have enjoyed both TV shows. They love the different flavor of the new show.

The Birch / Oct. 11 / Facebook Watch

While doing my research for this video, I found something called The Birch. The Birch is on Facebook Watch. Facebook is dipping its toe into creating original content like a streaming service. I think it’s super weird because when I tried to find information about The Birch on the Facebook Watch page, there was nothing! The only thing I could find was a link to somebody else’s Facebook page that posted a trailer for the movie. The Birch is a horror series about monsters, so I won’t be watching it; way too scary. How do you get to Facebook Watch? Open the app in your phone or on your tablet, then tap the little “play” button at the bottom. If you tap that, you’ll see all the videos from all the channels that you follow.

Arrow / Oct. 15 / CW

Arrow is another CW TV show that’s ending this year.  I dare you to go to the Entertainment Weekly website and watch the other CW stars say goodbye to Stephen Amell. It’s heartbreaking. Amell is kind of the godfather of all the Arrowverse TV shows on the CW. It’s been a great run, but I have to admit that it’s time for Arrow to go. It will be fun to see Stephen Amell do something else.

His Dark Materials / HBO

Unfortunately, HBO hasn’t released a premiere date for His Dark Materials. His Dark Materials is based on the book series by Philip Pullman. There was a movie of the first book, The Golden Compass, several years ago with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. It wasn’t very good. I love it when books become a TV series as opposed to a movie because you have more time to develop and delve into the world.

Watchmen / HBO

Watchmen looks super dark. The Watchmen movie was sort of dark, but more tongue-in-cheek, which a lot of fans did not enjoy. No premiere date yet.

Avenue 5 / HBO

A new show coming to HBO that I’m I think is completely brand new is Avenue 5. It’s a comedy that takes place in space. Now, that sounds very interesting. I hope it’s going to be Galaxy Quest-ish. That would be really fun.

Ares / Netflix

Ares is coming to Netflix sometime this fall. It focuses on a secret society of students. There are demons involved who are attracted to their activities.

In the Tall Grass / Netflix

In the Tall Grass will drop on Netflix sometime. The series is based on the titular book by Stephen King and Joe Hill. looks like it’s a bit supernatural and a bit thriller. A boy goes into the tall grass and gets lost. When the townspeople look for him, they end up coming out somewhere else. That’s really all I could find out.

Westworld / HBO

If you’re wondering about Westworld — because aren’t we all wondering about Westworld? —  It won’t be back until 2020. I, for one, will have to go back and binge all of the Westworld episodes to get back up to speed. I mean, I could barely handle what was happening while I was watching it, let alone try to remember it and piece it all together.

What are you looking forward to for fall TV shows 2019? Tell me in the comments!

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