Disney Gift Guide for Plus Size Women

Need a Disney gift guide? Well, look no further. If the plus size woman you’re buying a gift for is a Disney fan, she will love anything you buy from this list.

I pulled together this gift guide with a plus size Disney fan in mind. There’s nothing listed in this Disney gift guide that requires knowing measurements or a clothing size. You won’t find any t-shirts, jammies, robes or jackets.

Take it from me, a plus size woman: It’s no fun when someone gives you clothes as a gift and they don’t fit. If the clothes are too small, you feel like a hippo. If the clothes are too big, you wonder what you must look like to your friends and family. So if you want to avoid an awkward situation, this is the Disney gift guide for you.

Bonus points: Get something with her all-time favorite Disney character on it.

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#1 Beauty and the Beast Tervis Tumbler – This beauty is perfect for your Beauty. It’s understated but it’s going to keep her English Breakfast iced tea icy.

#2 The Little Mermaid Loungefly Tote Bag – Look at this bag. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think her collection’s complete? Never! A Disnerd can never have enough beautiful bags and this ocean-blue treasure is gorgeous and practical.

#3 Disney Coco Skull Mug – Give her the colors and traditions of Coco. It’s perfect for drinking — dare I say it? — cocoa.

#4 Art of Coloring: Disney Villains – Adult coloring books aren’t a fad that’s vanishing into thin air any time soon, and this one is too much fun! Don’t forget a lovely set of colored pencils or Crayons to go with it.

#5 Aladdin Personalized Genie Lamp Necklace – This necklace is so lovely she’s sure to love it. Even better, you can personalize it with her initial.

#6 Rose Makeup Brush Set – This makeup brush set is so lovely she can display it on her counter rather than stuff it in a drawer to be forgotten forever (like the inhabitants of the Beast’s castle).

#7 Mermaid Night Light Ocean Wave Projector – Okay, I know this looks like something a kid would have in her room, but stick with me. If the woman you need to buy a gift for is a fan of The Little Mermaid and has ever harbored the tiniest wish to be a mermaid, she will sigh with “you get me” feels if you give this to her.

#8 Hallmark Mickey Mouse Journal – Fans of classic Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, will truly appreciate the sweet illustrations on this faux leather journal.

#9 Disney Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack – Isn’t this adorable? The side pockets not only hold important stuff you want to get to fast, they’re also holding Mickey. Aw!

#10 Do The Next Right Thing Bracelet – This sweet bracelet is engraved with a song/quote by Anna in Frozen 2: “Do the next right thing.” I love the sentiment and she will too. This Etsy shop also has a similar bracelet with Elsa’s big song/quote: “Into the unknown.”

#11 Walt Disney World – Wanna really make her wish come true? Take her on a Disney vacation to Orlando. (Not pictured.) Find great deals at Best of Orlando, the web’s hidden gem for discount tickets.

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