DC Gift Guide for Plus Size Women

Need a DC gift guide? No, not Washington D.C. I’m talking a gift guide for fans of the DC superheroes, mainly the trinity of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. Well, look no further.

I pulled together this gift guide with a plus size DC fan in mind. There’s nothing listed in this DC gift guide that requires knowing measurements or a size. No clothing at all, as a matter of fact.

Take it from me, a plus size woman: It is no fun when someone gives you clothes as a gift and they don’t fit. If the clothes are too small, you feel like a hippo. If the clothes are too big, you wonder what you must look like to your friends and family. We’re sensitive, y’all, so stick with non-clothes gifts. You’ll look more thoughtful!

Check out what’s on my DC gift guide. Fuller descriptions below.

Bonus points: Find matching wrapping paper. Superhero wrapping paper is everywhere!

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#1 DC Superhero Baking Set – You know what tastes better than fresh-baked cookies? Fresh-baked cookies in the shape of the trilogy’s emblems. She can put her superhero stamp on cookies with this baking set.

#2 Wonder Woman Wristlet – This Wonder Woman wristlet from Loungefly is not only practical, but also beautiful to behold. It’s understated and classic, just like Diana Prince herself.

#3 Wonder Woman’s Lasso – Imagine the look of pure delight on her face when she unwraps Wonder Woman’s Lasso Truth. Hestia would be proud.

#4 Aquaman Heat Sensitive Mug – “I’m not always hot, but when I am, I look like Jason Mamoa.” Aquaman comes and goes on this heat-sensitive mug.

#5 Wonder Woman Tervis Tumbler – A well-made vessel fit for a princess. Tervis is a top-notch brand and this logo is lovely.

#6 Wonder Woman Sword Bracelet – It might not be as cool as pulling a full-sized sword from the back of your dress, but keeping this mini-sword on her wrist will still be awesome.

#7 Wonder Woman 3 Piece Travel Set – Okay, I have a thing for bags. That’s why there are so many of them in my gift guides. But, I mean, loooooook at them. These are adorable and super handy.

#8 Bat Signal Projector – She can light this up when she’s feeling extra vulnerable or extra powerful. Either way, it’s going to look frickin’ amazing.

#9 Justice League Enamel Pins – Enamel pins are the thing, man. These Justice League symbols will look fantastic on her denim jacket or backpack.

#10 She Needed a Hero Necklace – Okay, if you give this to your significant other, she is going to know you get her. I mean, really get her. “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.”

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